Zoella Lifestyle – 2018 Xmas Range – Honest Opinion

Yes it's creeping on us again this year, the c word is fast approaching and so that means you'll soon be seeing more and more Christmas stuff on shop selves. There's a tiny bit inside of me that is starting to panic but anyone knows me well enough...will soon tell you, I absolutely love Christmas...it… Continue reading Zoella Lifestyle – 2018 Xmas Range – Honest Opinion

Reaching for the stars – Cosmos Zoella Beauty

Zoella Beauty have unveiled their latest offering of beauty products in the way of their new Christmas gifting range exclusive to Superdrug called 'Cosmos'. Being rolled out in to selected shops as of now you can start your christmas shopping mega early or have a treat yourself moment by buying the new beauty range 'Cosmos'… Continue reading Reaching for the stars – Cosmos Zoella Beauty

My Hair History

I'm the type of person that can get bored quite quickly and easily with a hairstyle or colour. I think this has been pretty evident in the past few years, with many different styles and hair colours gracing my locks. But now sitting writing this post with 'normal' blonde hair, it's given me time to… Continue reading My Hair History