British Tattoo Art Revealed Exhibition

Around 1 in 5 people in Britain today are tattooed. Whether that's a star, cross, bird or name...the British public have taken to inking their skin seriously and it's bloody awesome. Back in December I headed to Great Yarmouth of all places to visit an exhibition I've been wanting to see for months. It's been… Continue reading British Tattoo Art Revealed Exhibition

3 new tattoo additions!

It had been far too long since I last got a tattoo so I definitely made up for that lost time by getting 3 in one day for my birthday last month. Am I crazy, mad or just damn right smart? Personally I think the latter because I was killing 1 bird with 3 stones...pardon… Continue reading 3 new tattoo additions!

5 things I’ve learnt from having tattoos!

Bit of mouthful that title ain't it? Trust me I tried to make it more catchy and short but it just wasn't working... This blog post is going to do what it says on the tin (title...), I'm going through 5 things I've learnt from having quite a few tattoos. This is something I feel… Continue reading 5 things I’ve learnt from having tattoos!

Cover Up Tattoos

We now live in a world where TV shows such as Tattoo Fixers exist and whilst I enjoy the entertainment factor of seeing someone regretting getting a badly illustrated willy on their butt whilst on holiday. I don't think the TV show and those alike have done much to help dismiss the stigmas surrounding cover… Continue reading Cover Up Tattoos

My Biffy Clyro Tattoos

I'll be honest with you, I'm kind of doing this blog post for my own benefit because I quite like talking about my tattoos, especially my Biffy ones. But who can blame me really?! I've talked about music related tattoos on my blog before but today I thought I'd touch upon my Biffy Clyro tattoos… Continue reading My Biffy Clyro Tattoos

5 tips for getting a tattoo…

I like to think I know a little something about getting a tattoo, after all I think I've lost count at the amount I now have. I though in today's post I would share some tips from my previous experiences of getting tattoos in the hope that it may help someone who isn't as used… Continue reading 5 tips for getting a tattoo…

Music Related Tattoos

Music and tattoos, two things that are major parts of my life. I renamed this blog 'adoseofapril' because that what I wanted to give you in my blog posts...a dose of me and my life. To my knowledge I can't recall writing a blog post solely dedicated to and about my music related tattoos but… Continue reading Music Related Tattoos