New beauty buys!

If you didn't know already, I went to America last month (as if I haven't mentioned it enough already) and that of course meant I picked up a few new beauty things. The mother-ship of make-up and skincare was obviously visited where I got most of the new bits...I am of course talking about Sephora.… Continue reading New beauty buys!

My go to concealers!

It recently came to my attention (when buying another concealer) that I seem to be somewhat of a magpie when it comes to buying concealers. I know, of all the make-up items I could buy for some reason I always steer to concealers. I think logic kicks in because it's a product I know I'm… Continue reading My go to concealers!

Lips, Lips, Lips (Lipstick Collection)

Recently I've been increasingly getting more interested in lipsticks, I never used to be one for wearing lipsticks but there's something about them that I think just finishes a make-up and/or an outfit look off. In today's blog post I thought I'd go through my small yet worthy collection. I thought it would also be… Continue reading Lips, Lips, Lips (Lipstick Collection)