First impressions of Olympus Pen E-PL8

I got a new camera FINALLY after researching for what seems like months and avoiding actually biting the bullet and buying one. It wasn't until I saw a deal that was too good to miss and acted a bit on impulse. So yes I'm now a proud owner of an Olympus Pen E-PL8 which I… Continue reading First impressions of Olympus Pen E-PL8

2019 so far…a mid year review!

I'd like to start this blog post with the simple the hell is it July already?! It feels like the last 6 months have flown by in a flash. However, having said that a lot has happened in 2019 so far and I thought I'd do a little mid year review which I probably… Continue reading 2019 so far…a mid year review!

Cocktails in a can – collaboration with helloellielouise_blog

I don't think I could have timed this blog post more perfectly if I tried. With the weather set to reach the mid 20s this weekend I'm sure lots of people will be soaking up the sun and warmth in the park or beer gardens. You know what the best addition to that whole situation… Continue reading Cocktails in a can – collaboration with helloellielouise_blog

Glossier Milky Oil…is it worth it?

It hasn't been that long since I last spoke about Glossier on my blog but I knew when I stocked up on my Milky Jelly cleanser that I had to give the newest skincare addition a try! Given that I have such sensitive skin, Glossier as a simple no frills brand is perfect for me… Continue reading Glossier Milky Oil…is it worth it?

High end make up on a budget…

I think it's safe to say if we could all afford the most expensive and beautiful make up we would? It's a no brainier really, the likes of Charlotte Tilbury, Nars and Benefit are all considered higher end make-up brands. We all treat ourselves to items of these brands every once in a while but… Continue reading High end make up on a budget…

Spoon World Buffet, Ipswich – Review

*WARNING THIS POST MAY MAKE YOU HUNGRY. DON'T READ ON EMPTY STOMACH. IF NOT PROCEED WITH CAUTION...* I'm a big food lover, there's no denying it. I've had a love/hate relationship with food since I could remember but every now and again I do enjoy going out for a bite to eat. In fact I'd… Continue reading Spoon World Buffet, Ipswich – Review

Zoella Lifestyle – 2018 Xmas Range – Honest Opinion

Yes it's creeping on us again this year, the c word is fast approaching and so that means you'll soon be seeing more and more Christmas stuff on shop selves. There's a tiny bit inside of me that is starting to panic but anyone knows me well enough...will soon tell you, I absolutely love… Continue reading Zoella Lifestyle – 2018 Xmas Range – Honest Opinion

Reaching for the stars – Cosmos Zoella Beauty

Zoella Beauty have unveiled their latest offering of beauty products in the way of their new Christmas gifting range exclusive to Superdrug called 'Cosmos'. Being rolled out in to selected shops as of now you can start your christmas shopping mega early or have a treat yourself moment by buying the new beauty range 'Cosmos'… Continue reading Reaching for the stars – Cosmos Zoella Beauty

The Sheeran Divide…

What's the best way to start a new year off? Well I tell you what, two new brand new songs from a fellow Suffolk resident. Yes, you heard right, that fellow Suffolk resisdent is none other than Ed Sheeran, who hails from Framlingham, a short drive from my hometown which meant he has been and still… Continue reading The Sheeran Divide…

BMTH @ The O2

Who: Bring Me The Horizon When: 5th November 2016 Where: The O2 Arena, London Support: Basement and Don Broco It almost feels weird saying this but it is in fact true, British metalcore (not so metalcore now though) band Bring Me The Horizon headlined not one but two gigs at The O2 arena. That's 40,000 people seeing a band… Continue reading BMTH @ The O2