How I managed to start saving!

I'm guessing you're either here because you read the title and want to know how me...a shopaholic managed to start saving or you're in the same situation and want some help. Well I have good news, it doesn't matter what reason you're here for because you'll be getting answers to both and more. About six… Continue reading How I managed to start saving!

Fever 333 at O2 Kentish Forum

It's been a good few years since I stepped foot in a proper rock gig, for a number of reasons attending them just wasn't my main priority anymore. For the 3 years I was at university, nearly every week consisted on me going to at least one gig. It's where I felt I belonged and… Continue reading Fever 333 at O2 Kentish Forum

New in beauty buys!

I can't remember the last time since I did a good old haul of things I've brought on my blog and that's partly what motivated me to start blogging to begin with, I was always wanting to share the new things I got with like minded people. I have tried to cut down on the… Continue reading New in beauty buys!

Investing in worthy trends…

Now a days it is has to go a day without finding out about another trend that has hit the mainstream. This year it seems that the 90s style of clothing has well and truly made it's way back into the fashion world. It can be easy to be sucked into each and other trend,… Continue reading Investing in worthy trends…

Trying to make a difference…

I've been debating whether to write this blog post as the moment you start talking about something like you're opening yourself up to a world of criticism. On the other hand though by choosing to write this blog post, I'm hoping to help at least one person understand that doing the smallest of things can… Continue reading Trying to make a difference…

Best Dupe for Pixi Toners

If there's something you should know about me, it's that I love a bargain and probably more than the average person. There's not many things better than finding something at a ridiculously good price and what does the job too...whether that be a skirt or make-up item. I'll you what, Aldi is the up there… Continue reading Best Dupe for Pixi Toners

Cocktails in a can – collaboration with helloellielouise_blog

I don't think I could have timed this blog post more perfectly if I tried. With the weather set to reach the mid 20s this weekend I'm sure lots of people will be soaking up the sun and warmth in the park or beer gardens. You know what the best addition to that whole situation… Continue reading Cocktails in a can – collaboration with helloellielouise_blog

Not feeling worthy…

I started this blog however many years ago so I had a place to write about what I loved and hopefully be able to share it with like minded people. I was just finishing sixth form and awaiting to start university, I was bored over the summer so I thought why not give it a… Continue reading Not feeling worthy…

My go to concealers!

It recently came to my attention (when buying another concealer) that I seem to be somewhat of a magpie when it comes to buying concealers. I know, of all the make-up items I could buy for some reason I always steer to concealers. I think logic kicks in because it's a product I know I'm… Continue reading My go to concealers!

Glossier Milky Oil…is it worth it?

It hasn't been that long since I last spoke about Glossier on my blog but I knew when I stocked up on my Milky Jelly cleanser that I had to give the newest skincare addition a try! Given that I have such sensitive skin, Glossier as a simple no frills brand is perfect for me… Continue reading Glossier Milky Oil…is it worth it?