3 new tattoo additions!

It had been far too long since I last got a tattoo so I definitely made up for that lost time by getting 3 in one day for my birthday last month. Am I crazy, mad or just damn right smart? Personally I think the latter because I was killing 1 bird with 3 stones...pardon… Continue reading 3 new tattoo additions!

My Biffy Clyro Tattoos

I'll be honest with you, I'm kind of doing this blog post for my own benefit because I quite like talking about my tattoos, especially my Biffy ones. But who can blame me really?! I've talked about music related tattoos on my blog before but today I thought I'd touch upon my Biffy Clyro tattoos… Continue reading My Biffy Clyro Tattoos

Music Related Tattoos

Music and tattoos, two things that are major parts of my life. I renamed this blog 'adoseofapril' because that what I wanted to give you in my blog posts...a dose of me and my life. To my knowledge I can't recall writing a blog post solely dedicated to and about my music related tattoos but… Continue reading Music Related Tattoos