Falling in love with Disney!

For many people around my age, Disney would have summed up their childhood. Whether that be watching film after film, dressing in themed clothing, visiting the various parks or being all round obsessed with everything Disney. For me though, I was never really brought up on Disney, yes I saw the odd film here and… Continue reading Falling in love with Disney!

5/ Favourite Festive Movies

For me the festive period isn't complete without watching your favourite festive movies or discovering new ones. I feel like it's the only acceptable time of year where you can stay in all day and have a movie marathon. In my 23 years of being on this earth, I've managed to watch a far few… Continue reading 5/ Favourite Festive Movies

Top Movies of 2018

The end of the year is fast approaching and what a year it has been, especially for me when it comes to movies. 2018 was the year my local cinema took a large portion of my money on a regular basis and I'm not going to lie...I'm not mad about it. Not every movie I've… Continue reading Top Movies of 2018

Blogs I’m Reading…

Being a blogger myself, I'm a big supporter of fellow bloggers and always find myself on the hunt for new reading material. The world of blogging has definitely risen in popularity over the past few years which I think is a great thing, it shows we are moving with the times. Most mornings I will… Continue reading Blogs I’m Reading…

Back To The Future Themed Birthday Party

I'm finally back blogging and oh my, it's a whooper of a post so grab a cuppa and some biscuits because I have a feeling this is going to a long but good one... I'm not one for going all out for my birthday, a nice meal in the evening and a trip out somewhere… Continue reading Back To The Future Themed Birthday Party