14/ Me time during the festive period

There's no beating around the bush with this...Christmas without doubt can be the most stressful time of year for many people which is ironic really seen as it's deemed the most wonderful joyful time of the year. It can overwhelm people to the extreme, be that with present shopping, seeing family or just generally being… Continue reading 14/ Me time during the festive period

6/ Festive Blogger Tag

Are blogger tags still a thing? I don't see them floating around as much anymore but they were always a fun thing to do and something that doesn't take much effort or thought. So today I'm taking it back old school with a festive blogger tag I created myself for blogmas day six. I've come… Continue reading 6/ Festive Blogger Tag

Halloween Baking

I'm not going to lie, apart from Christmas, Halloween is definitely my favourite holiday to celebrate. I've never been one for going out in my adult life, as quite frankly I much prefer being in a warm house in my PJ's than in a bar or club dressed up. The last time I went out… Continue reading Halloween Baking

Re-Decorating My Room

It's been a good old while since I last blogged but I'm back and armed with a whole load of posts that will be published more frequently every week. Exciting times. To kick start me back into blogging I thought I'd talk about the re-decoration of my room that has taken up mine and my… Continue reading Re-Decorating My Room