17/ Christmas Eve Traditions

For me Christmas Eve and Boxing day are better than Christmas day itself. Christmas Eve you've got the last bit of build up with all the excitement and feeling of what the big day could have in store for you. With Boxing day you've got the joyful exhaustion of eating too much, thankfulness and for… Continue reading 17/ Christmas Eve Traditions

7/ Festive Cupcake Baking

If you can't eat copious amounts of gingerbread flavoured things at Christmas then when can you?! The warming taste of ginger spice, the sweetness of the golden syrup and the richness of a gingerbread flavoured buttercream. I can't get enough of these gingerbread cupcakes and for good reason...they're absolutely yummy and perfect with a cup… Continue reading 7/ Festive Cupcake Baking

Halloween Baking

I'm not going to lie, apart from Christmas, Halloween is definitely my favourite holiday to celebrate. I've never been one for going out in my adult life, as quite frankly I much prefer being in a warm house in my PJ's than in a bar or club dressed up. The last time I went out… Continue reading Halloween Baking