Self shooting top tips!

This one goes out to all the content creators that are still creating even during a global pandemic! I don't know about you but I've found it so inspiring seeing how people especially bloggers, YouTubers etc have adapted their content creation to the situation. If you're a blogger who is used to shooting outfits for… Continue reading Self shooting top tips!

What I’ve been doing during lockdown so far…

I'm not going to spend too much time talking about 'you know what' because frankly we've all heard enough of it already. However, I did want to write a blog post this week about things I've been doing to keep me not only occupied but motivated too during this strange and weird time. Being at… Continue reading What I’ve been doing during lockdown so far…

My plans for 2020!

So hello there...long time no type. I took an unexpected but well needed break off blogging over Christmas. Partly due to the fact that I didn't have a lot of time to actually sit down and type out some blog posts that I seemed happy with and I kind of ran out of ideas. No… Continue reading My plans for 2020!

BLOGMAS POST 1 – Top winter staples

It's the 1st December and you know what that means?! Well two things, the first being the year is going extremely fast, I can't believe it's December already and two being the most important...blogmas on adoseofapril is starting. Yep I'm doing it again this year and I'm so looking forward to it even though it's… Continue reading BLOGMAS POST 1 – Top winter staples

How blogging has helped with my self confidence…

I've been wanting to write a blog post like this for quite a while now but it never felt like the right time when it actually came down to me typing my feelings and experiences. However, I feel like it's finally time as I'm at a place in my life where I feel comfortable with… Continue reading How blogging has helped with my self confidence…

3 Disney in Real Life outfits!

If there's one thing I love doing in my spare time, it's planning outfits for holidays, days/nights out or events that I don't have to go to. Yes that might be sad but you do whatever makes you happy right?! I  do however have my first Disney park holiday coming up very soon and I've… Continue reading 3 Disney in Real Life outfits!

Investing in worthy trends…

Now a days it is has to go a day without finding out about another trend that has hit the mainstream. This year it seems that the 90s style of clothing has well and truly made it's way back into the fashion world. It can be easy to be sucked into each and other trend,… Continue reading Investing in worthy trends…

How to style slogan/graphic tees!

It's become somewhat of a uniform for me now in the same way that cami tops were that most of my outfits consist of a slogan or graphic tee styled with some kind of bottom half. It's an obvious thing to say but there has been a sudden influx of the trend of slogan/graphic tees… Continue reading How to style slogan/graphic tees!

Spring/Summer staples!

As the weeks start to creep towards June and the weather seems to be improving, I've been thinking about what items I will be wearing for the end of Spring and throughout summer. I've well and truly packed all my winter clothes away now which you know is a sign that the weather is getting… Continue reading Spring/Summer staples!

Midi Skirts – Where, How, Why!

I'm not one for following fashion trends, I'm a big believer in wearing whatever you want feel comfortable in, regardless of if they're trendy or not. Clothes can have many different uses; comfort, expression, statement. For me clothes are a way for me to at times appear more confident than I am but also feel… Continue reading Midi Skirts – Where, How, Why!