BLOGMAS POST 3 – My 2019 Favourites

I feel like it's a given that a yearly favourites is included in blogmas and to be honest it's such a nice post to write to look back on the year you're soon to leave behind. It's actually so easy to forget how long a year is and how much goes on until you start… Continue reading BLOGMAS POST 3 – My 2019 Favourites

BLOGMAS POST 2 – How To Realistically Get Festive…

I get that it's still early days and the festive spirit isn't fully in swing for some so I'm taking in upon myself to help you feeling festive. If anything I think it will help me too as my festive spirit is definitely lacking and delayed. I'm a massive Christmas lover, there's nothing I love… Continue reading BLOGMAS POST 2 – How To Realistically Get Festive…

BLOGMAS POST 1 – Top winter staples

It's the 1st December and you know what that means?! Well two things, the first being the year is going extremely fast, I can't believe it's December already and two being the most important...blogmas on adoseofapril is starting. Yep I'm doing it again this year and I'm so looking forward to it even though it's… Continue reading BLOGMAS POST 1 – Top winter staples

17/ Christmas Eve Traditions

For me Christmas Eve and Boxing day are better than Christmas day itself. Christmas Eve you've got the last bit of build up with all the excitement and feeling of what the big day could have in store for you. With Boxing day you've got the joyful exhaustion of eating too much, thankfulness and for… Continue reading 17/ Christmas Eve Traditions

16/ Ideas for Blogmas 2019

Yep you read the title correctly, I'm already thinking about Blogmas 2019 and what may be in store for it on adoseofapril. There's no harm in planning ahead right?! I guess this post is also me committing to doing Blogmas again...I must be crazy?! I'm all about helping each other and I always have been… Continue reading 16/ Ideas for Blogmas 2019

14/ Me time during the festive period

There's no beating around the bush with this...Christmas without doubt can be the most stressful time of year for many people which is ironic really seen as it's deemed the most wonderful joyful time of the year. It can overwhelm people to the extreme, be that with present shopping, seeing family or just generally being… Continue reading 14/ Me time during the festive period

12/ Festive day in London

I was trying to remember the last time I went into London but I couldn't for the life of me think of when, which means it's been far too long! There was a time where I would be in London nearly every week, you couldn't keep me away. I've always loved London and it's one… Continue reading 12/ Festive day in London

9/ Epic Festive Playlist

A well curated playlist can go a long way these days when it comes to my ears. It's the modern version of a mix tape and those DIY CD's we all used to do...hell I still do them from time to time, you can't beat a physical CD. I've created some pretty epic playlists in… Continue reading 9/ Epic Festive Playlist

7/ Festive Cupcake Baking

If you can't eat copious amounts of gingerbread flavoured things at Christmas then when can you?! The warming taste of ginger spice, the sweetness of the golden syrup and the richness of a gingerbread flavoured buttercream. I can't get enough of these gingerbread cupcakes and for good reason...they're absolutely yummy and perfect with a cup… Continue reading 7/ Festive Cupcake Baking

6/ Festive Blogger Tag

Are blogger tags still a thing? I don't see them floating around as much anymore but they were always a fun thing to do and something that doesn't take much effort or thought. So today I'm taking it back old school with a festive blogger tag I created myself for blogmas day six. I've come… Continue reading 6/ Festive Blogger Tag