Music I’ve Been Loving…

When it comes to music, I've learnt to not be confined by genres or certain artists...if I like a song then that's it, there's nothing more to it. I used to feel ashamed about liking certain artists or genres because of the judgement I sometimes got, which to me now is just stupid! So here's… Continue reading Music I’ve Been Loving…

Album Artwork

The artwork of an album is at times a visual interpretation or representation of what the album is and about. At times the artwork can have no relation to the album what so ever, it can just be striking, thought provoking and damn right random. The one thing that can be agreed though is that… Continue reading Album Artwork

BMTH @ The O2

Who: Bring Me The Horizon When: 5th November 2016 Where: The O2 Arena, London Support: Basement and Don Broco It almost feels weird saying this but it is in fact true, British metalcore (not so metalcore now though) band Bring Me The Horizon headlined not one but two gigs at The O2 arena. That's 40,000 people seeing a band… Continue reading BMTH @ The O2

8 Albums I Love

As you can guess by the title in this week's Friday post I'm going to tell you about 8 albums I love. Writing about music is something I've loved doing ever since I set up my blog a few years ago. I like to think I've improved a bit but who knows ha. If any… Continue reading 8 Albums I Love