New beauty buys!

If you didn't know already, I went to America last month (as if I haven't mentioned it enough already) and that of course meant I picked up a few new beauty things. The mother-ship of make-up and skincare was obviously visited where I got most of the new bits...I am of course talking about Sephora.… Continue reading New beauty buys!

The money problem…

I'm going to start this post by being as truthful as I can...I'm bad with money and always have been. There I said it, I've put it out into the universe. The first step to dealing with a problem or issue, is admitting said issue or problem. I still feel like there's this massive taboo… Continue reading The money problem…

Suffolk Blogger Meet Up

On Sunday I ventured out of the house...not for coffee this time but in for beer!! Is it questionable to head out at 9:30 on a Sunday morning to a brewery tour and tasting? I won't wait for your answer if you don't mind... I know you shouldn't need an excuse to go on a… Continue reading Suffolk Blogger Meet Up

5 things I’ve learnt from having tattoos!

Bit of mouthful that title ain't it? Trust me I tried to make it more catchy and short but it just wasn't working... This blog post is going to do what it says on the tin (title...), I'm going through 5 things I've learnt from having quite a few tattoos. This is something I feel… Continue reading 5 things I’ve learnt from having tattoos!