Album Artwork

The artwork of an album is at times a visual interpretation or representation of what the album is and about. At times the artwork can have no relation to the album what so ever, it can just be striking, thought provoking and damn right random. The one thing that can be agreed though is that… Continue reading Album Artwork

Top 6 Albums of 2016

A merry Christmas eve to you all. For today's post I thought about writing something festive but nothing really came to mind so I'm opting for my top 6 albums of 2016 post instead. By now I hope you all would have realised that I like my music and at any given opportunity I'll talk… Continue reading Top 6 Albums of 2016


The musical storage format of a vinyl is something that has seen a rise again in popularity in the past few years. At first I thought it was going to be a trend that quickly died down, a trend that was adopted by indie wannabes wanting to look cool but lacked the true appreciation of… Continue reading Vinyl

My Scottish Holiday

Hey there, it's me again. I'm back typing away on my blog after suffering with writers block, loss of passion and my life basically turning upside down but fear not I've got a cracking post to come back with. I think it was safe to say that I was well overdue a holiday, much like… Continue reading My Scottish Holiday

Songs I’m Loving Lately…

Another music post from me but trust me it's a good one (aren't they all really?) and hopefully full of songs you'll be itching to listen to and download. The past few months has seen my iTunes recently played go from old tunes that I've rediscovered to new songs that bands I love have just… Continue reading Songs I’m Loving Lately…

My Biffy Clyro Tattoos

I'll be honest with you, I'm kind of doing this blog post for my own benefit because I quite like talking about my tattoos, especially my Biffy ones. But who can blame me really?! I've talked about music related tattoos on my blog before but today I thought I'd touch upon my Biffy Clyro tattoos… Continue reading My Biffy Clyro Tattoos

Music Related Tattoos

Music and tattoos, two things that are major parts of my life. I renamed this blog 'adoseofapril' because that what I wanted to give you in my blog posts...a dose of me and my life. To my knowledge I can't recall writing a blog post solely dedicated to and about my music related tattoos but… Continue reading Music Related Tattoos

8 Albums I Love

As you can guess by the title in this week's Friday post I'm going to tell you about 8 albums I love. Writing about music is something I've loved doing ever since I set up my blog a few years ago. I like to think I've improved a bit but who knows ha. If any… Continue reading 8 Albums I Love

My Gig History…

  If you were to ever ask someone that knows me or follows me on social media what I talk about the most or how they would sum up, I'd like to think passionate about music would come up quite frequently in their answers. Because music without a doubt is a massive part of my… Continue reading My Gig History…