The ULTIMATE London guide!

Whenever I can visit London, I jump at the chance! It's my favourite city and I know that's a bold statement but one I'm willing to make. A few years back I was set on the idea of moving to London and living's safe to say that idea quickly changed the older I got...mainly… Continue reading The ULTIMATE London guide!

Allow me to reintroduce myself…

Before I start this blog post, can I just ask how many people rapped the title of this post? Because damn I've now got it stuck in my head. If you have no idea what I'm on about, don't worry let's get on with the actual stuff you've here for... So hey, I'm April...the girl… Continue reading Allow me to reintroduce myself…

Spring/Summer staples!

As the weeks start to creep towards June and the weather seems to be improving, I've been thinking about what items I will be wearing for the end of Spring and throughout summer. I've well and truly packed all my winter clothes away now which you know is a sign that the weather is getting… Continue reading Spring/Summer staples!

16/ Ideas for Blogmas 2019

Yep you read the title correctly, I'm already thinking about Blogmas 2019 and what may be in store for it on adoseofapril. There's no harm in planning ahead right?! I guess this post is also me committing to doing Blogmas again...I must be crazy?! I'm all about helping each other and I always have been… Continue reading 16/ Ideas for Blogmas 2019

Back To The Future Themed Birthday Party

I'm finally back blogging and oh my, it's a whooper of a post so grab a cuppa and some biscuits because I have a feeling this is going to a long but good one... I'm not one for going all out for my birthday, a nice meal in the evening and a trip out somewhere… Continue reading Back To The Future Themed Birthday Party