What we did in California for 10 days! – Part Two

Now if you're reading this I assume you've been eagerly waiting for part two of my Californian adventure after reading part one... If you haven't read part one I suggest you do so before continuing with this blog post. Don't worry I'll wait for you...trust me if it'll worth reading. I'll make it easy for… Continue reading What we did in California for 10 days! – Part Two

What we did in California for 10 days! – Part One

If you didn't know already, them I'm not sure I've mentioned it enough! But I went to California back in October 2019 and I'm only managing now to get round to writing a blog post about what we did. It was a family holiday (our first one in 10 years) and we went for 10… Continue reading What we did in California for 10 days! – Part One

First impression of visiting a Disney Park…

So your girl finally visited the happiest place on earth and well I thought I'd go through what it was like as a first timer to visit not only my first Disney Park but the original one too! Talk about starting off with a bang hey?! It's been a few weeks since I got back… Continue reading First impression of visiting a Disney Park…

AD | My long haul carry on bag…

*AD | Contains gifted items from Gaston Luga. I can't actually believe I'm typing this but it's officially under a few days until we head to California for our two week family holiday! That of course means that a long haul flight is imminent and you can't get much longer for America than a nice… Continue reading AD | My long haul carry on bag…

California here I come!

"We've been on the run, driving in the sun, looking out for number one...California here we come!" You best bet that I'm making the best kick ass California playlist ready for the lead up to the holiday as well as for the road trips during! I might share it if it ends up being that… Continue reading California here I come!

Autumn city break in Bath

Nothing beats getting away for a days to explore a new place or revisit a favourite. We're so lucky in the UK to have so many amazing places at our doorstop just ready to explore. In the last few years or so I've really got the travelling bug and wanted to see more of the… Continue reading Autumn city break in Bath

New York – Expectations vs Reality

I told you another blog post was coming on New York and I hope this one doesn't disappoint. I was actually in New York when I came up with this idea and was hoping it would help people either planning to go to New York or who had a certain view of the city that… Continue reading New York – Expectations vs Reality

FriendsFest – London

It honestly felt like so long that I booked tickets to this years FriendsFest that I almost forgot about it but alas it sprung back into my head after the jet lag from New York had slightly worn off. The weekend just gone I headed to London to attend one of the dates of FriendsFest.… Continue reading FriendsFest – London

5 days in NYC!

The big apple, the city that never sleeps, where people want you to start spreading the news and the one where yellow taxi's rule the road... Yep, you guessed it...New York City. If you didn't know already, I went to New York last week on holiday. It was my first time in America, so there… Continue reading 5 days in NYC!

How I’m planning New York…

Hello, hi and long time no type... I'm not going to bore you with the normal "I've missed blogging and sorry for not posting" chat because let's be honest, you've heard it plenty of times from me now but hey I'm here and blogging so that counts for something! If any of you have been… Continue reading How I’m planning New York…