New beauty buys!

If you didn't know already, I went to America last month (as if I haven't mentioned it enough already) and that of course meant I picked up a few new beauty things. The mother-ship of make-up and skincare was obviously visited where I got most of the new bits...I am of course talking about Sephora.… Continue reading New beauty buys!

New in beauty buys!

I can't remember the last time since I did a good old haul of things I've brought on my blog and that's partly what motivated me to start blogging to begin with, I was always wanting to share the new things I got with like minded people. I have tried to cut down on the… Continue reading New in beauty buys!

Best Dupe for Pixi Toners

If there's something you should know about me, it's that I love a bargain and probably more than the average person. There's not many things better than finding something at a ridiculously good price and what does the job too...whether that be a skirt or make-up item. I'll you what, Aldi is the up there… Continue reading Best Dupe for Pixi Toners

My Skincare Routine

Up until about a year or so I'll have to admit to not really having any kind of skincare routine and to start this blog post of with that is a damn right statement. I think it has to come from two things, laziness on my behalf but also lack of knowledge of what to… Continue reading My Skincare Routine

My go to concealers!

It recently came to my attention (when buying another concealer) that I seem to be somewhat of a magpie when it comes to buying concealers. I know, of all the make-up items I could buy for some reason I always steer to concealers. I think logic kicks in because it's a product I know I'm… Continue reading My go to concealers!

Glossier Milky Oil…is it worth it?

It hasn't been that long since I last spoke about Glossier on my blog but I knew when I stocked up on my Milky Jelly cleanser that I had to give the newest skincare addition a try! Given that I have such sensitive skin, Glossier as a simple no frills brand is perfect for me… Continue reading Glossier Milky Oil…is it worth it?

Glossier Skincare

By now most people have heard about Glossier, the Instagramable brand that has built their image on creating make-up and skincare for those no make-up make up days that we all have. I've spoken about Glossier before on my blog so please click here if you fancy reading that post too. Since being launched in… Continue reading Glossier Skincare

10 minute make up…

Now I'm going to admit this now right from the start...I can be quite lazy at times and that's no secret. When it comes to doing my make-up it totally depends on my mood and amount of effort I have to put in to making my face presentable to the world. I love make-up and… Continue reading 10 minute make up…

My go to perfumes…

I can still remember the first ever perfume I got which to be honest surprises me because my memory isn't what it used to be. It was a perfume by JLO and I think it was called Glow, it was fresh but with a hint of sweetness. I remember thinking I was go grown up… Continue reading My go to perfumes…

8/ Holy Grail Beauty Products

The idea for today's blogmas actually came from my amazement that my foundation had stayed on face for a full 12 hour day and still looked perfect a few days ago. It then got me thinking about beauty and skincare products that I couldn't live without. I've discovered so many amazing and awesome products in… Continue reading 8/ Holy Grail Beauty Products