Budget bedroom refresh for £150!

I’m a big lover of interior design, something a lot of people probably wouldn’t know about me. It’s not something I’ve really had the opportunity to dabble in that much or showcase online. When given the chance though, I tend to go all out and get carried away.  I suppose that shows how passionate I can be about it.

I decided after 4 or 5 years of having my bedroom decorated the same, it was time for a change. I’ve grown up, matured somewhat and wanted a different vibe to my room. I’m unfortunately not in the position to move out of my parents/family home at the moment so the opportunity to redo my bedroom will have to be enough for now.

Although I didn’t have much money to put into my bedroom refresh, I didn’t want the quality or finish of it to be compromised so I aimed to create a bedroom with class but done on a very tight budget. To be honest with you, I think I succeeded quite well but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

I was quite smart when redoing my bedroom the first time around as I painted all my walls with a white paint so it was easy to change the colour scheme of my room by switching soft furnishings and smaller ticketed items that are easier to change. If you’re wanting to do up a room on a budget, I would always recommend painting a room with a neutral colour like white as you can normally get a big tin for quite a cheap price and it’s easy to cover all types of walls. I also find it makes rooms look a lot bigger especially small bedrooms like mine where the bigger a room feels the better.

When deciding what colours I wanted to incorporate into my new bedroom I took to pinterest which is always a good shout. I wanted to pick colours that would easily change the feel of a room without overwhelming it. I also wanted to choose realistic colours that I knew would easily available in most shops and would be able to carry through every season for a couple of years. I therefore decided to go for a dark navy blue, baby pink and matte gold which I absolutely love the look of.

I made a list of key pieces I wanted to get in order to inject the new colour scheme. This is also a good way to redo a bedroom on a tighter budget as buying soft furnishings is often cheaper and easier. My list consisted of cushion covers, , mirrors, duvets, blankets fake plants, trinkets, frames, a larger cork board to display my growing collection of pins on and gold spray paint. All of which I managed to get from Ikea, Primark and The Range. I probably will continue to pick up different bits when out and about as I go along but I’m happy I managed to get the basics to help start creating my vision.

So with mostly everything purchased and my room stripped bare, it was time to paint and give the walls and ceiling a refresh which definitely helped. It’s also good to remove mostly everything from your room so it’s a blank canvas ready for you start adding things back in. It only took me and my mum a day to paint the whole room and start moving stuff back in. We put all the frames up…9 in total and currently they were still white just so I could get a feel for where I wanted them and what prints look good next to each other. We them added back my three pop vinyl shelves and my decorative shelf that I had fun dressing with little trinkets that hold memories for me. I decided to still have my pop figures up as I’m proud of my collection and love that it adds a bit more interest in my room. I love showcasing my passion and love of certain things in my room and think the pop figures add a great dose of my personality. A lot of the smaller things that I ended up adding to my room was through trial and error. I would move different bits around to different spots to see what worked best and what didn’t. There’s no harm in playing around with the smaller things until eventually you find the perfect spots.

The big things then got added like my new duvet, blanket, cushions and rug which really started to make a difference in the whole look of the bedroom. My mum had a brilliant idea to cover my current grey headboard that I got for £30 from Argos a few years ago with the same navy blanket for £4 from Primark. I think you can agree that it looks amazing and really helps in tying all the colours in together. It’s also a really cheap way to change up something quite big and often expensive. Next we added the two mirrors with the first one being put on top of my chest of drawers. This mirror was orginally purchased for my brothers room from a carboot for £5 and I honestly love it. It was black however so we sprayed that, the frames, a few plant pots and the other mirror I got the same colour to really tie in the smaller/larger details of the room together. The mirror on my chest of drawer is a real statement piece and I think it was real risk spraying it such a vibrant gold but it definitely paid off in my opinion. I also added a longer mirror near my trinket shelf to not only fill a blank space but have a mirror somewhere easier to get outfit photos and make that area of my room a bit bigger. I have a mirror on my wardrobe door but it’s just in an awkward position and I can’t move it. Again with the long mirror I sprayed this gold and it looks so much more expensive than £5.99 from B&M. I’m in love with it.

The final touches of fake plants, flowers, and little trinkets were added. I’m quite lucky in the collection of things I’ve accumulated from doing flatlays as it meant I had quite a few bits I could add to my room to finish it off without actually going out to buy anything else. Most of the trinkets in my room are either from Primark, Poundland or Wilko as I find they’re really good places to get bits and bobs. The final thing we did was the mammoth task of putting up my tv bracket and tv which I think has changed my the look of my room the most. I got a suitable tv bracket for my wall for £15 from The Range and it’s honestly opened my room up so much as I used to have it at a slant on top of my chest of drawer.

I hope you’ve loved seeing my new room and finding out what I did in order to get it how it’s looking now. I’m so over the mood with it and think I’ve done a cracking job if I do say so myself. I’ll be uploading a proper room tour on IGTV in the coming weeks so you can get a proper in depth look at my room and I’ll make sure to say where everything is from.

For anyone wondering about the prints I have up because I know I might get questions about them and I want to make sure the artists get a shout out;

Thomas Shelby monochrome drawing done by The Picture Show on Instagram here.

Shawn Mendes In My Blood lyrics print created by me.

Disney castle rainbow print by Gary C on Instagram here.

Magpie watercolour print by Laura Rose Arts on Instagram here.

Small Thomas Shelby floral print (it’s actually a card) purchased from We Built This City here.

We Are The Champions Freddie print by Charlotte Framer purchased from We Built This City here.

Large yellow Freddie print by Bold & Noble purchased from We Built This City here.

Shawn Mendes tour poster was purchased during his 2019 tour.

Empire State Building NYC print was a gift and unsure who the artist is.

Be sure to check back next week for a brand new post and let me know if there’s anything you want to see from me regarding blog posts, Instagram etc…

Until next time,

adoseofapril x

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