The ULTIMATE London guide!

Whenever I can visit London, I jump at the chance! It’s my favourite city and I know that’s a bold statement but one I’m willing to make. A few years back I was set on the idea of moving to London and living there…it’s safe to say that idea quickly changed the older I got…mainly because I saw the prices and realised I quite liked leaving the city at the end of a busy day. I liked the chance to escape and go back to a quiet town. For me, London has to be done in doses and I think that makes you appreciate it more.

I thought I’d give you a somewhat whistle stop tour of my favourite places to visit when in London…as if you’re having a typical day out with me in the big city. So whether you’re a seasoned visit to London or planning your first trip, I hope you manage to find somewhere new to check out.

Spitafield Market

We’ve just hoped off the train at London Liverpool Street and our first port of call is of course Spitalfields market. A short walk from the train station and a great introduction to area of Shoreditch. With various stall holders selling all sorts of things from jewellery, clothing and home items, you are bound to find something that takes your fancy. If not grabbing a bite to eat is the best use of your time with local food vendors selling a variety of different cuisines. That’s what I love most about Spitafield market, the range of stuff you’re able to find, it always ends up being a surprise every visit. There’s also this sense of community when walking from stall to stall.

Carnaby Street/Soho

I’d argue this is probably one of my favourite areas of London to visit, from independent shops to smaller brands to high street giants and an iconic department store…you’ve literally got so much at your fingertips. I love nothing more than simply wandering around the streets of Soho and ending back at Carnaby Street. This is hands down the best place to find your new favourite sweet treat shop like Creme (best cookies ever) or independent art shop. Carnaby Street at Christmas time is also the best, their decorations are always amazing.

Oxford Street/Tottenham Court Road

The best place to get some shopping down and handily all down one street. All be it, you have to judge the right time to visit or else you’ll ducking and weaving through the crowds. I love spending an afternoon walking in and out some of my favourite shops…it’s what makes me love the high street still and shopping in store. My favourite shops to always visit is of course Primark at Tottenham Court Road (the best one in my opinion and never normally as busier), New Look just down the road from Primark, Selfridges (it’s always nice to look at stuff you can’t afford), Uniqlo (best place for basics and slogan/graphic t-shirts) and of course Disney store. It’s funny I’ve ended up on Oxford Street so many times, I tend to get into a habit or routine of going into the same shops.

Covent Garden

I feel like this is an obvious one, especially for bloggers as there’s normally somewhere you can take an Instagram or blog photo for. What can I say…we’re like detectives for a good photo opportunity, always on duty! I love walking round Covent Garden, no matter what time of year but Christmas especially. The markets are brilliant to walk around, with a bustling atmosphere and so many amazing stalls offering lots of different things. There’s plenty of places to eat from well known food places to independent food stalls…you’re spoilt for choice. You’re also close to the heart of London theater with the West End being a stone throw away, you’re bound to find something to do to fill a whole day.

South Bank

Probably my favourite place to visit in the summer as walking besides the river is perfect, taking in the London skyline and enjoying the chilled back stroll. It’s a nice way to escape the sudden hustle and bustle of the city but still be reminded where you are…still in the city. There’s a different vibe to South Bank and it’s something I only very often pine for. If you’re in ultimate tourist mode, head to the London Eye for incredible views of London or the London Dungeons if you fancy a bit of a fright.

Camden Town

The last stop of my tour of London is of course Camden Town, a place many still haven’t visited but is a must for me. For the most part, I’m normally heading to a gig when I’m in Camden as it’s a little far out but I like to at least make an afternoon of it. Visit the markets, having a browse round the stalls and get some delicious food from one of the stalls that all smell amazing. It’s the one place in London that has the most amount of culture yet still feels like it should be all there. I feel most at home when I’m walking the streets and just soaking up the vibrant atmosphere.

So there you have it…you’ve had a whistle stop tour of London by yours truly. By now you’d be feeling pretty tired and probably with a McDonald’s you can’t wait to devour on the train home.

Where’s your favourite place to visit when in London?

Until next time,

adoseofapril x

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