BLOGMAS POST 1 – Top winter staples

It’s the 1st December and you know what that means?! Well two things, the first being the year is going extremely fast, I can’t believe it’s December already and two being the most important…blogmas on adoseofapril is starting. Yep I’m doing it again this year and I’m so looking forward to it even though it’s a lot of work.

To kick start things with this year’s blogmas I thought I go through my top three winter fashion staples that will see me through the month of December and right into the new year. I always find when it comes to winter clothing that investing in key pieces is so worth while but it at times is hard to know where and what to invest in.

For me fashion in winter is all about not only being practical but being warm/cosy. With that in mind the three key pieces I’ve chosen definitely tick all the boxes.

If I can I’ll link everything I talk about so it’s easier to shop my choices if you so wish. Links marked with * are linked through RewardStyle where I earn a small commision if you purchase through my links.

I feel like I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t mention this years must have style of coat and the one that I’ve been wearing non-stop already. I am of course talking about the teddy coat. This is a new piece into my wardrobe this year but a coat that has founds it place perfectly within my everyday outfits. I held back getting one last year as I wasn’t 100% sure if the style suited me style evolves and I’m glad they came back for 2019 and bigger and better. Guaranteed to keep you warm, cosy and looking cool, teddy coats for me are a must have in the winter. I opted for a black one as I was lacking just a plain black coat in my collection. It’s easy to style with nearly every outfit and can be dressed up or down. So many shops are doing their own take on the teddy coat making it easy to shop a style, cut and colour that takes your fancy. I opted to buy the black teddy coat from New Look as I liked the length and finish to it.

*Shop the coat here. (Couldn’t fit it in black online anymore)

If there’s one thing I hate the most about winter, it’s the prospect of having cold feet and also the fear of slipping over when it’s wet and icey. Well with another one of my winter staples, those things are not to worry about. I feel like no winter outfit is complete without a good pair of boots and they’re definitely something worth investing in. A couple of years ago I invested in a pair of Dr Martens boots which have seen me through many cold winters. However, I found at times due to the style I got they were a bit bulky and didn’t always go with all the outfits I was wearing. Luckily chunky boots are in trend this year and I happened to find a pair that are a bit easy to style with skirts and dresses. They’re chunky but with a bit elegance if I can describe them like that and I like how they’re not just plain as the faux crox adds a bit more to them. Not only do they look good, they’re also comfortable and practical due to the good tred on the soles. They’re such an easy boot to chuck on with anything and not have to worry about your outfit. The zip fastening on the side makes it actually super easy to just chuck on literally too.

*Shop the boots here.

Winter wouldn’t be winter without a cosy jumper and I can’t not mention my favourite places and style of jumpers to style throughout the cold season. Whether it’s pairing a jumper with jeans, a skirt or over a summer dress…they really are at the core of any winter wardrobe. I haven’t really invested in many this year but that’s because I was quite smart in buying ones over the past few years that would stand the test of time. Timeless styles like an oversize cable knit jumper or a slogan jumper. The only jumper I have purchased this year was a sale find from TU which was a cream knitted jumper that I’ve been pairing with leather trousers and midi skirts. I find block colour jumpers are really good to have in your wardrobe and having the odd statement jumper to jazz up an outfit. For me the certain shops I always tend to look in for good worth while jumpers are; Primark (might take a rummage but you can find a good few), New Look, H&M and supermarkets like Sainsburys and Tesco.

Those are my top three winter staples that will definitely see me through the season and I’m sure you’ll get no end of inspiration going through my Instagram over the coming month. I used to hate dressing for winter but the older I’ve got the more I like to experiment with different styles or textures.

What are you winter staples? Is there anything I should be adding to my wardrobe.

Thanks so much for stopping by my first post of Blogmas 2019. Be sure to check back tomorrow for the next post of blogmas.

Until then,

adoseofapril x

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