Fever 333 at O2 Kentish Forum

It’s been a good few years since I stepped foot in a proper rock gig, for a number of reasons attending them just wasn’t my main priority anymore. For the 3 years I was at university, nearly every week consisted on me going to at least one gig. It’s where I felt I belonged and was at my happiest.

Fast forward a few years and I found myself at a demonstration (Fever’s term for their gigs) and well it weirdly felt like I’d go back in time or just found my happy place again. For those few hours nothing else mattered except the lyrics being sung and the melodies being felt.

As a consequence of me not going to many gigs in the last few years, it has meant I’ve been seriously lacking in gig review posts. Something of which I wrote frequently and really enjoyed. There’s something nice about reliving the night of a gig and thinking back to your high points. Where your favourite band played your favourite song or the crowd singing back the lyrics gave you goosebumps.

I was a bit worried about how I would feel going back into environment of a rock gig after such a long break but I couldn’t have had less reason to be as I did just feel at home again.

On a cold and wet November evening in Kentish Town, London my heart felt warm and full after a night of singing my heart out and being in a room full of like minded people. It’s definitely spurred me on to go to more gigs when I can.

What I loved about seeing Fever 333 that night was feeling that connection with music again. Something I feel I was lacking. To be honest with you, I hadn’t really discovered that much new music and if I did it was more verying towards Shawn Mendes or the Jonas Brothers. Hey don’t judge, it’s what was lighting the fire in my ears. Don’t get me wrong though, rock music and music of those sorts was always and will be played.

Stepping through the doors of the O2 Academy Kentish Forum and into a room of an excited crowd ready to go mental for Fever 333 is a feeling I never knew I longed for again but it felt amazing. There was a bit of a wait from doors opening to the band coming on but that was intentional. The band wanted to encourage the crowd to have conversations with each other rather than bringing a support band act. Giving that it was their first headline tour in the UK the explanation they gave to further the support act was pretty damn amazing. I just love what the band stands for and how they’re not afraid to voice their opinions. There’s a lot of awful stuff going on at the moment and to have a band that won’t accept that and stand for what could be good in the world is very much welcomed.

The anticipation grew as the wait got longer but finally the band graced the stage and started with an absolute banger and what so happens to be my favourite song which basically was a musical irruption on stage. Made An America kicked off the night with not only the insane talent the band has for live music but also how bloody passionate they are about performing songs that have a strong message. You just have to listen to the lyrics of Made An America to know that. Strolling on to stage with stab proof vests with 333 painted crossed the stomach really makes a statement from the bands point of view.

Song after song the bands energy as well as the crowds just seemed to get bigger and it was an infectious crowd to be in. Brief interludes between songs gave lead singer Jason the chance to chat with the crowd about certain topical issues and how much touring meant to him and the band. You could really tell too, a few moments he could be seen welling up at just how amazing the night was.

The crowd participation and singing back the lyrics to the band is always a highlight for me as it just shows how much music can bring a group of people together, even if it’s just for a few hours. You could tell Jason was enjoying messing with the crowd just before they started Animal.

About half way through, Jason appeared from the top floor and performed a heart felt and damn right amazing rendition of Am I Here? which captivated the crowd. It got to the point that the crowd singing was drowning out Jason and it was just phenomenal. The speech he gave before performing the song really hit the heart strings and was just so inspiring.

Highlights for me have to be Burn It because the energy from the band and crowd was just amazing and at an all time high. You know when a song is just so infectious that you just can’t help but go crazy. Animal as mentioned was insane too.

If you’re looking for a new band to see live or even just listen to, I cannot recommend Fever 333 enough. Not only is their talent totally mind blowing from the lyrics to the composition to the actual live performance. They’re also a band that stands for so much more than music and are using their platform to provoke change.

All in all it was an incredible night, if you haven’t gathered that already.

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my latest blog post. Be sure to check back next week for a brand new post.

Until next time,

adoseofapril x

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