The money problem…

I’m going to start this post by being as truthful as I can…I’m bad with money and always have been. There I said it, I’ve put it out into the universe. The first step to dealing with a problem or issue, is admitting said issue or problem.

I still feel like there’s this massive taboo when it comes to money especially with the younger generation. The life we live now isn’t a cheap one by any means whether that’s a home to live in or food to eat or clothes to wear, we aren’t very fortunate with a small price tag on many things. For the fortunate people that learn from a young age to save their money and be good with it…good on you but for me it’s something I’ve struggled to learn and I’m sure I’m not alone. Don’t worry, we can get through this together!

As a generation we’re working longer hours, at times harder than needed just to ensure we have an okay life but still so many of us live behind our means with loans, credit cards and buy now pay later schemes. I think this can be down to wanting to live an unattainable life that is shown to us mostly on Instagram. We all do it though and it’s nothing to be ashamed of but it’s something that needs to be addressed. We can’t be a generation that lives with mounting debts and nothing more than some nice shoes, memories of a nice holiday or two and crying ourselves to sleep wondering how we’re going to pay for it all in the long run. Living beyond on your means ain’t fashionable or trendy at the end of the day and who are you really doing it for?!

Which brings me to the reasons I wanted to write this post today. I want to get rid of the taboo of talking about money and finally address my unhealthy relationship with money. I want to share how I hope to tackle my issues and how you can do it too. Money is always going to be a big part of everyone’s lives whether you like it or not. This was all brought to my attention by an emotional outburst on Instagram stories about my current financial situation and being very overwhelmed with things. Believe it or not, this actually quite a regular thing and something I want to stop and kind of need to stop too.

I can save when I have something in the distance to save for like a holiday which is why I’m in such a good position when it comes to spending money for my trip to California. I can and have proven to myself that I can go without buying things. Which makes it even more frustrating when I look at my bank account and see a not so health amount at all! However, when it comes to saving for anything else I’m not that good and that’s definitely my down fall. I’m the type of person that when they have money, they tend to spend it as soon as possible. I give into temptation and just can’t say no most of the times, I normally need to have someone else telling which isn’t the best method to have. That’s the thing though, I spend all this money every month but in all honesty I don’t have much to show for it. Yes I have wardrobe full of clothes and a shoe rack full of shoes but then why do I feel the need to buy new clothes and shoes all the time. I need to break down the reason why I’m spending so much money and why I would benefit from saving more than spending.

For me one pretty big reason for my spending is that instant but short lived happiness of buying something new and this was something that was more than touched upon in the film Confession of a Shopaholic…should have just been based on my life to be honest ha. There’s no better feeling than finding a piece of clothing in your size that you’re definitely going to wear so much and then being happy for about half a second after buying it. Then the guilt and regret sinks in most of the time when you realise you didn’t really need that other midi skirt or another pair of vans. So knowing the main reason I’m spending, it’s time to think of a realistic and practical way of combating my spiraling money issues. Another reason which I think has stemmed back to school days of wanting the best in a bid to be the best…I know it’s cringey but hey those things stick with you espeically if you’re bullied about it.

It’s my dream to be one of those people that can treat themselves once in a while to a few nice things but not have the worry of not being able to afford it and actually needing it. Have a healthy amount of savings and not be living basically from wage to wage. I know that’s not going to happen over night though and there is going to be some occasions at first when I’m going to cave and find it extremely hard but at least I’m trying.

So here’s my plan on how I’m tackling my money issues and hopefully this might help some of you too;

  • Limit myself to how items or how much I spend every month. Set myself a budget or amount of clothing items that I’m allowing my to have. This way I can manage my spending much easier but still have the joy of shopping. It’ll be a more informed and thought out shopping experience.
  • Put away money in my savings account every month. Have a set amount that comes out the same day every month after I get paid. If I fancy saving more during the month then put even more away.
  • Shop my own wardrobe more. Be more thoughtful when it comes to putting together outfits and trying different styling techniques. Use what I have already and make it work.
  • If I want to buy something think of 3 reasons why I want it and 3 situations I’ll wear it. If I can’t come up with 3 of each then it’s a no from me and my bank account.

I know all of the above probably seem really obvious to most people but I believe small changes like those will make a massive difference in my relationship with money and my spending habits.

So this is my official deceleration of improving my issues with my money. It’s all written down so there’s no going back now. I hear by call you all as my witnesses. *now I realise what I’ve got myself in for after writing this whole post*.

Yeah this ended up being a bit more personal about my finance than I first thought but I weirdly feel better already about it after finally addressing issues I’ve been actively avoiding. So yeah this might mean there’s a few less hauls on my Instagram account and I’ll be rotating the same lot of clothing items in my outfit photos. But then that’s kind of life, you wear the same clothes day in day out. I also think getting sucked in to the fast fashion blogging world is partly to blame here too, there was this need to always have new clothes to show.

Now it’s the time to invest in quality things like clothes, life and my future.

I so hope you’ve enjoyed this post and it’s somewhat resonated with you. It’s been a real interesting one to write and something I definitely want to do more of.

Be sure to check back next week for a brand new post. Until then, check out my social media accounts all linked below to keep up to date with me during the week.

Until next time,

adoseofapril x

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3 thoughts on “The money problem…”

  1. Hey April

    Yes this post is so relevant to me as well!! Been feeling it so much this month after a lower than usual paycheck 😕
    I am looking forward to next week when I get paid! The relief will be immense for sure! I just have to remember not to spend it all! 🙊
    Here’s to us being better with money from here on in hey?! 💸💸

    Sarah aka SunshineSarahxo


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