What I’ve got planned for California.

As I’m typing this, it is a few weeks to go until I step foot on a plane to LAX and start a two week holiday in the city of angles. Saying goodbye to what I can only imagine will be miserable October English weather. Yes an extended two weeks of summer sun and warmth. Now some people may disagree with me here but I haven’t really spoken too much about my impending holiday. Mainly that’s down to not believing that I’m actually going on another dream holiday just a year apart from an trip to New York where I finally stepped foot on American ground.

Earlier in the year I wrote a blog post about how booking this lifetime holiday came about and what we were planning to do in the months leading up to it. You can read it here. Even back when we booked, it still didn’t feel real and like some sort of dream. As the months went by, plans started to form and tickets were booked. In today’s post I thought I’d go through what things we’ve booked and planned so far and how our holiday has taken shape.

With it still being a few weeks away, there are some more plans to be finalised but the bulk of our activities have been sorted. What I’ve found has been a massive help is watching two YouTube channels in particular who recently came back from trips from LA and it was so exciting to watch videos of somewhere I will soon walk and experience myself. The lovely guys of L & R Dreaming have the most amazing vlog series of their visit to DisneyLand California and Hawaii (which didn’t make me jealous at all) and Brogan Tate from Brogan Tate Xo has the most jammed packed set of vlogs from her trip to California which was so much fun to watch as well as helpful.

Our holiday is kind of split into two bits, first half being in Anaheim and the second in Hollywood. This worked out the best in terms of what we’re wanting to do and avoiding LA traffic. We didn’t really realise how big LA was until looking into distances between things.

A big part of our trip to California is making the most of the theme parks that California has to offer, in particular Los Angles and Anaheim. We decided to pre book tickets for the three main parks we wanted to go and that most people recommended. The parks we whittled it down to are; DisneyLand, Universal Studios and Warner Brother’s Studio Tour. We booked our tickets through Attraction Ticket Direct which not only had the best prices but was so easy to use. What I liked about the ATD website was that the attractions were broken down into sections of destinations so it was easy to find the tickets you wanted and maybe find some others that take your fancy.

We’re spending two days in DisneyLand, one day for each park and I can’t wait. This will be first experience in any Disney park and it’s the original so I know I’m going to be completely overwhelmed and absolutely buzzing.We haven’t decided what park we’re going to do first but I kind of want to see the newly refurbished castle as soon as possible as I’ll know I’m in Disney after that. We’re tossing up the idea of getting the Maxpass system for both days in Disney to ensure we make the most of our time and get on all the rides we want to without wasting too much time waiting in queues. We’re spending one day at Universal as judging from a lot of people it’s definitely do able and as we’re limited on time we kind of want to make the most of everything else too. We’re hoping to get on the Studio Lot Tram tour (think that’s what it’s called) which has been highly recommended by people and marked as must do. I’m a massive movie geek at times so I’m so excited to fully immerse myself into a park like Universal. Finally for parks we’re booked on to the Warner Brother’s Studio Tour that is around 3 hours so will take up a morning for us. This is something I really wanted to do as I loved going round the Harry Potter Studio Tour just outside of London and I find it really interesting seeing all the behind the scenes of movies and tv shows. It’s going to be so cool looking round sets of such popular shows such as Friends and The Big Bang Theory.

Right now all the thrill seeking stuff is out of the way, let’s get down to the rest of our plans so far.

I feel like you can’t go to California or more specifically LA without going to the Hollywood Walk of Fame or seeing the Hollywood sign. I know seeing both is going to feel like a bit of out of body experience as it’s something you always see in movies and pictures but never feel like you’re going to see yourself. I’ve heard that the Walk of Fame isn’t the nicest or safest place to stick around just like Times Sqaure so it will definitely be a fleeting visit but I can’t wait to finally see a star in person. It will be a great opportunity to get some cheesy tourist photos too that I can’t wait to look back on in years to come. We don’t expect this to take too much time so we’re planning to do these little activities in the afternoon after our trip to Warner Brother’s.

We’re also planning on visiting some family that live near LA in Huntington Beach so it would be rude not to take in the views of a beach that I’ve heard is amazing and a must see. It will be so nice to see the family in particular too as we haven’t seen them in over 10 years so we’ve all changed a bit. Whilst on the topic of beaches, we’re also wanting to visit Venice Beach and Santa Monica, mainly to see if they live up to the hype and get some cool Instagram photos, obviously. I’m not really much of a beach person in the sense of laying down and going swimming in the sea, I’d much rather swim in a hotel pool which I plan on doing most days.

Other than the plans mentioned, we’re obviously going to factor in some time for shopping but I think we’ll fit that it every day seen as we’ll be on the go. It’ll also just be nice to wander a bit and see where our feet takes us. That’s what I loved about New York, there was this freedom to explore and I hope we have that in LA/Anaheim.

As you can tell we’ve got a lot to squeeze in two weeks but we’re so excited. However, if you have any recommendations of places we could still go and in particular food places to eat that would be awesome.

Well that ended up being a lot longer than I first expected when starting this. I hope this was somewhat enjoyable to read. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and reading my latest post. Be sure to check back next week for a brand new post.

Until next time,

adoseofapril x

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