First impressions of Olympus Pen E-PL8

I got a new camera FINALLY after researching for what seems like months and avoiding actually biting the bullet and buying one. It wasn’t until I saw a deal that was too good to miss and acted a bit on impulse. So yes I’m now a proud owner of an Olympus Pen E-PL8 which I have to say is one of the prettiest cameras I’ve seen in a while. No wonder so many bloggers have ended up owning one themselves.

When researching into a new camera I actually found reading blog posts and first impressions from people who were using it in a similar way that I was wanting to actually really helped. Yes it’s helpful knowing all the specifications of a camera but you can find that on any store’s website or store itself that is selling it. Working with cameras myself I knew what I was looking for when it came to the technology of a camera. Having used a Canon DSLR for many years though I found it wasn’t suiting the purpose of a blogging camera for me which makes sense as it wasn’t purchased for the purpose.

I’ve decided to write my own first impression in order to give some insight for fellow bloggers wanting to change up their shooting equipment or just anyone wanting a new camera.

The Olympus Pen E-PL8 is by no means a new camera but it is still a go to choice for many bloggers due to the stylish look and choice of different colours and also the ease of taking it out with you. The difference between the traditional DSLR cameras that you see a lot of bloggers still using it not only the bulky body but also that Mirrorless cameras (E-PL8 is infact one of those) are making huge waves in the market which appeals to people on the go. Taking the mirror away that sits within the body and is the go between the lens and body of a DLSR and creating a mirrorless camera is opening up photography to wider market of photographers that ended up using their phones or letting their DSLR gather dust…I for one was guilty of that for sure. Some people notice the quality difference between the two types of cameras whereas I have noticed the complete ease of being able to take a camera out that fits in my handbag but allows me to create higher quality content on the go.

Lets start with the overall look of the camera, it’s as far away from the standard black chunky DSLR that most people think of when they think about professional camera as you can get. That was one big appeal for me though, having a camera that not only takes excellent photos but looks good in photos too which I think a lot of bloggers can agree is always a plus. The camera comes in 3 or 4 different colours but I opted for the cream/pink colourway and I love it. The silver hardware just finishes it off perfectly. I’m also really pleased with the neck strap that comes with the camera as it’s super comfortable on your neck but looks stylish too. The use of leather grain also gives the camera a nice sophisticated finish along with the handle grip on the front which definitely makes a difference. The cameras overall look is definitely leaning towards the more vintage vibe which I’ve noticed Olympus as quite keen on doing but I feel like that’s allowing them to break into a new market of customers that not only want the camera for taking photos but want it to look good too.

Onto the actual camera and well I’m loving it so far. Considering it is between a compact and DSLR camera, I actually find it so simple and easy to use. The dial on the top that allows you to change your shooting modes as easy to understand and shoot photos in the suitable mode. I also really like the finish of them too as they look super stylish along with the rest of the camera. The screen is touchscreen which actual helps more than I thought it would and allows you to tap to focus and change certain settings like the F stop if in the suitable modes. The screen also flips down in order to take selfies and makes it easy if you are taking photos of yourself, lets say for outfit photos. I’ve heard mixed reviews about the screen flipping downwards rather than upwards but I’m personally a fan of it as it’s something I’ve been without in my previous camera.

The camera comes with a kit lens that is a 14-42mm which enables you to do a variety of everyday photos. I personally really like the lens and how compact it still is on the body of the camera which still makes it easy to carry around with you. If you weren’t wanting to invest in anymore lenses than this lens would be perfectly fine to stay on the body and be used for everything. What does take some getting used to is the difference between using a Canon lens on a DSLR and how they work differently. One big difference (excuse the pun coming up) is the stark size comparison, the Olympus lens is tiny in comparison but packs a punch when shooting. Olympus are still running a deal until the end of September where you can claim a 45mm portrait lens for free when buying your E-PL8/9 which is definitely a deal worth taking. I got my 45mm lens within a week of filling a super easy form out and I’m in love with the lens. It completely changed the way I take photos and I’ve been experimenting so much more with it. It’s also pretty nice to take a picture and have the background blur, it’s the simple things hey?!

What also is appealing about the camera is the ability to edit photos and shoot photos into a collage within the camera. Something that you don’t realise is handy until you want to upload a picture you just took onto Instagram. Which brings me onto another good point of how easy it is to download your photos straight to your phone minutes after taking them. I downloaded the Olympus Image Share app onto my phone and connected my camera via Wifi and it’s as simple as that.

To round off this first impression of the Olympus Pen E-PL8, I’d like to say that I couldn’t be more happier with my latest purchase and definitely don’t regret making the switch from a Canon DSLR to an Olympus mirrorless camera. For a camera is the price bracket of between £250-500 I think you’d be stuck to find something just as good if not better. I’m sure the more I use it the more I will discover that I love, who knows there might be a sister blog post to this a few months down the line…be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

I hope you found this somewhat helpful, I actually really enjoyed writing this and turns out I could talk about cameras more than I thought. Now all I need to find is a blogger appropriate case for it so I don’t break it but won’t break my bank balance either.

The camera can be found here and currently retails at £399.00 but be sure to keep an eye on deals as I got mind in a flash sale for £299.00.

Be sure to check back next week for a brand new post. Until then be sure to check me out on all my other social media platforms linked below.

Until next time,

adoseofapril x

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