3 new tattoo additions!

It had been far too long since I last got a tattoo so I definitely made up for that lost time by getting 3 in one day for my birthday last month. Am I crazy, mad or just damn right smart? Personally I think the latter because I was killing 1 bird with 3 stones…pardon the expression, very brutal…lets say metaphorical bird killing.

I loved writing blog posts on my tattoos back in the day so I thought why not show them off a bit whilst explaining why I got them and how the ideas came about. Who knows, it may spark inspiration for any of you reading this too.

It’s become some what of a tradition to get a tattoo for my birthday. I suppose I kind of see it in the way of a scrap book that is permanently on my body that I take with me everywhere. I like that idea though, being able to look down at a piece art on me and remembering when and why I got it…it’s a nice reminder every now and again. Turning 24 isn’t anything special but it was definitely made more special with one of the three tattoos I ended up getting.

I’ve been building up my right arm towards a half sleeve for quite a few years now and it had got to the point recently that I running out of space. It then led me to start thinking about maybe turning it into a full sleeve, something I was secretly wanting for years ever since I started watching Miami Ink and seeing how cool Kat Von D looked with hers. Nothing says no going back like a largeish portrait of a famous singer to start the full sleeve process off right?!

This is where I formally introduce you all to my newest addition Freddie Mercury that I still absolutely love and can’t stop looking at. I don’t know if I’ve really spoken about the importance of Queen on my blog but there’s no time like the present and having a tattoo of Freddie kind of calls for it. Ever since I could remember my Nan has loved Queen and I was always going round hers when I was younger and watching their videos and listening to their music. Yes you’ve got it right, I had excellent music taste, even when I was young. Something stuck with me with Queen and I’ve been a fan ever since, my first experience of live music was even a Queen tribute band at my local theater. It kind of felt fitting to finally get something to not only signify my love for Queen and Freddie but also a sort of tribute to my Nan. This wasn’t a tattoo I thought up one night and decided to book the next day, I’d been thinking about it for years and it finally felt like the right time to get it done.

Pintrest is the best place to turn to when looking for inspiration for tattoos and I definitely took full advantage of the ideas for Freddie tattoos from photos of Freddie to actual tattoos that had already been done. I ended up finding a beautiful drawn image of Freddie and bringing it to my tattoo artist as a reference to then have her draw it up to fit within the style of my other tattoos on my arm already. I still want my sleeve to flow but not look like it had been done all at once. I’m so so over the moon with how it turned out and I don’t think I could have dreamed for anything better. It’s still taking some getting used to looking down and seeing Freddie Mercury on my arm but in a good way.

Now the main man has been introduced, let’s get onto the smaller but still important newest additions to my collection. I don’t take myself too seriously when it comes to getting some tattoos, I think that’s down to my opinion and view of them as opposed to other people…let’s say it’s quite relaxed. I’ll be the first one to volunteer to get a silly or stupid one and not regret it. I like looking back at what tattoos I have and remembering where I got them and what kind of place I was at in my life. This leads me to talk about the on the spot decision an hour before I had my Freddie tattoo booked to get a bee on my knee. I’ve been wanting to get this down for ages and even had it booked in last year until my appointment fell through. Another tattoo artist at the studio was doing £13 tattoos and there was the cutest bee included in the offer so I just had to take up the chance. I’m so pleased with my friendly addition and I can’t get over how cute he is, I would go even as far to say it’s the real bees knees ha ha.

Lastly we come to the smallest new addition to my collection but one that has an inspiring meaning behind it. My brother is friends with a super talented and amazing local artist that goes by the name of K Page Illustration, if you’re local to Suffolk you might be more familiar with Kieran’s work than you think. As he recently adorned an Elma elephant with his brilliant artwork that can be found near the Willis building in Ipswich town centre. As part of his artwork he has a trade mark of a woodlouse that he hides in every piece of art he creates. It’s become somewhat of a tradition for his closet friends and supporters to get a woodlouse tattooed. I decided to join the small group of people that has a woodlouse too and show my support for K Page Illustration. Woody made an excellent little filler on my arm too and I’m so please I finally managed to get it done.

Three tattoos down and now time to plan my next one. It’s always a vicious circle when it comes to getting a tattoo after having such a long break as you end up getting the bug for more so much harder. I’m looking to definitely add more to arm and getting a Toy Story related one on my colour leg.

Thanks so much for stopping and reading my latest blog post, it’s been fun talking all things new tattoos. Be sure to check back next week for a brand new post.

Until next time,

adoseofapril x

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