3 Disney in Real Life outfits!

If there’s one thing I love doing in my spare time, it’s planning outfits for holidays, days/nights out or events that I don’t have to go to. Yes that might be sad but you do whatever makes you happy right?! I  do however have my first Disney park holiday coming up very soon and I’ve been buying bits and pieces the last few months when I see them when I’m out and about.

Going to a Disney park, it’s more than acceptable if not expected for you to go all out and wear Disney from head to toe. I don’t think there’s such a thing over going over the top when it comes to dressing for Disney parks but maybe wearing a pair of Minnie ears whilst walking down your local highstreet is a bit too in your face.

This post is totally inspired by a lovely lady I follow on Instagram called Beth, her handle is @bethanyfrancesca_ and she created a hashtag #EverydayDisneyStyle that gives you all the inspiration you need to create some really cool outfits with doses of Disney thrown in so you can still be showing your love for the brand without feeling like you’re dressed for a Disney park.

This is a bit of a different post for me to write but I really want to get into doing more fashion inspired blog posts and styling as like I’ve already mentioned I like doing it in my spare time anyways. For me I at first find it hard to mix in bits of Disney clothing into my everyday style which I would categorise as at times fashionable so I would often find the two styles don’t mix or compliment each other that well. That’s where this blog post blossomed into an idea and is now becoming a reality. I’m sure there is other people out there like me that want to introduce some Disney into their everyday style and are finding it hard so I thought I’d show you 3 outfits that have the right amount of Disney injected in it without losing the fashion side of it too.

I’m not the type of person to buy things that will have one use and then be thrown to the back of the wardrobe. I just think it’s a waste of money and isn’t in keeping with my efforts in being more ethical with my clothes buying. Therefore the pieces I have been buying for my holiday ready for Disneyland are still pieces I can wear within my everyday life so I’m getting the full wear out of them.

Outfit 1

It’s no secret that I love a midi skirt and I own a fair few which means it’s the perfect piece to pair with something for an everyday Disney style outfit. Midi skirts are so versatile so can be styled with so many different things. They’re also super flattering and comfy so can be turned up a notch for an actual Disney park day outfit too. I’ve paired a classic style Mickey t-shirt from H&M with a on trend stylish midi skirt from Topshop with some black old skool vans. This can easily be paired with a classic red and black pair of Minnie ears for a Disney park day. What I love about pairing it with this skirt too is that it’s a slight varition of dots that is still in keeping with the Disney style theme.

Outfit 2

You can’t get more classic of an outfit than chucking a pair of jeans, white t-shirt and for that bit of Disney magic some awesome slip on trainers with good old Mickey and Minnie mouse on them. I picked these shoes up in Primark a few weeks ago after failing to get the Vans versions that I’d be lusting over. Cheaper and in my opinion much cuter these are a perfect addition to a plain and classic outfit that will see you through the weekend or in the evening at a Disney park. Add a cute disney backpack and a of course some ears and you’re ready to go.

Outfit 3

The final outfit is probably a more understated and something that could be adapted for a work outfit in an office. I actually picked this skirt up this week in the sale from TU clothing in Sainsburys and thought it was perfect for those days where you want to rock those dots. It’s the perfect nod to Disney style without it even being obvious that it was the intention all along. The simple way to dress this up for Disney would be pairing it with a cute red top or Disney slogan t-shirt and adding some ears and red lipstick. It’s a tad more sophisticated and even perfect for daper days.

So those were the three outfits that I put together for your everyday Disney style needs. I hope you took some inspiration from this and maybe even push you to give it a go yourself.

Thanks so much for stopping by my latest blog post this week. Be sure to come back next week for a brand new post and make sure to keep up to date with me during the week on my social media platforms all listed below.

Until next time,

adoseofapril x

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24 thoughts on “3 Disney in Real Life outfits!”

  1. Hey April!
    I love this outfit post!! 😍😍 I do have a few Disney related t-shirts which I just love wearing on the daily! Bought a new one from Primark today which I can just see paired with my black jeans, trainers & black trainers! Perhaps even a pair of mickey vans! 😍🙌

    Love Sarah
    Aka sunshinesarahxo

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