23 things I’ve learnt at 23…

I turned 24 yesterday (happy birthday to me) and it finally sunk in that I’m getting closer to 30 than I am 20 quite quickly. Yes I turned a year older whilst also feeling like death with the heatwave we are experiencing. At times I do feel my age and the impending reality of getting older and other times I feel as if I’m still 18 and got the world in front of me. Either way I think it’s important to remember that even after you get another year older, you’re only as old or as young as you feel.

I love reading posts like thing about what people have learnt at certain ages, it’s always so interesting to me that at different ages people have learnt so many different things to each other.

23 for me was definitely a challenging year but then again I feel like I say that every year. You might have gathered that from my recent post detailing my mid year review of 2019. However, yes there’s positives and negatives that I take away from my year as a 23 year old but ultimately they’ve helped me evolve into the person I am today as cliche as that sounds.

So here’s 23 things I’ve learnt whilst being 23…

  1. Life flies by so fast, so enjoy every moment you can because it’s over before you know it.
  2. There’s plenty of hurdles that will get in your way but getting over them will prove how strong you are.
  3. Not everyone will like you and will sabotage you for their own gain.
  4. You can’t really do much more at 23 so it’s a bit of a weird age to be.
  5. Having a small number of friends is the way forward and will ultimately show you how many people actually make the effort with you.
  6. Life is too short to give a fuck about what people think of you. Wear that skirt, get that tattoo, buy that lipstick. Do you and you’ll be happy.
  7. You’re in charge of your own happiness, no one else is. The sooner you realise that the better.
  8. Just because you get a full time job with a nice income, don’t blow it all on clothes. Be smart with your money as your situation can change so quickly.
  9. You’re never too old to experience true happiness for the first time at a Shawn Mendes gig. What a night…please take me back.
  10. Trust your gut. It has always been right in the past.
  11. See more of the world. The memories and experiences are priceless and much better than that 14th midi skirt you wanted.
  12. Sometimes shit things need to happen in order to make way for better things.
  13. People will still act like they’re in high school even in their late 20s and above. Rise above, you’re better than that and them.
  14. Hard work pays off so keep working your arse off. You get out what you put in.
  15. It’s alright to not conform to the norm of your age. Do what makes you happy and don’t worry about anyone else.
  16. Holding a grudge may seem like the right thing to do at the time but it’s not worth the effort.
  17. Laugh as much as you can, until your belly hurts and your eyes are watering. Those are the moments you’ll cherish.
  18. Jonas Brothers making a come back was weirdly one of the best things. Happiness Begins…what an album.
  19. It’s never too late to plan a visit to your first Disney park and equally you’re never too old to be FLIPPING excited for it. Roll on October.
  20. Dying your hair brunette then blonde was never going to be easy and I’m putting this as a reminder next time you want to do it. Just think back to the roots situation.
  21. A solo trip to London wasn’t as scary as you thought and being thrown into a situation like that brings out the inner strength you never knew you had. Plus you can wandering round Primark for however long you want without feeling you’re bothering people.
  22. Toy Story definitely brings out the inner kid in you and also you uncontrollable urge to buy everything.
  23. Looking at the positives of a year is often much harder but ultimately more rewarding and up lifting.

Well that was surprisingly a lot easier to write than I first thought and a lot quicker. Maybe the heat pushed me a little bit more. I know I’ve learnt a lot more from being 23 but I wanted to include the things that first came to mind for me as I feel like that’s what I would have taken away the most.

If you’re reading this and you’re a blogger too, have you written a post like this about what you’ve learnt at a certain age? I would love to read it so let me know down below in the comments.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog this week and reading my latest post. Be sure to check back next week for a brand new post but until then keep up to date with me on my social media accounts linked below.

Until next time,

adoseofapril x

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26 thoughts on “23 things I’ve learnt at 23…”

  1. Couldn’t agree more with number 15! I’m twenty years old, and since being legally able to go ‘clubbing’ and drinking, I’ve only been on three nights out, and rarely touch alcohol. People are so shocked when they find out – but I’d much prefer to stay in and chill or go out for a meal or movie!

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  2. 23 is a weird age. I’m 25 now and it feels bizarre. Life does pass by really quickly. Over the years I’ve learnt who to trust and who not to trust and I have very little friends now since I’ve had the boys and I quite like it that way. Less drama and less stress x

    Lauren | By Lauren May

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  3. Happy Birthday! (Sorry it is late)
    I hope you have an amazing year and yes, your first point is right, life really does fly by. I turned 30 last month and I’m still in shock.

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