2019 so far…a mid year review!

I’d like to start this blog post with the simple question…how the hell is it July already?! It feels like the last 6 months have flown by in a flash. However, having said that a lot has happened in 2019 so far and I thought I’d do a little mid year review which I probably should have done in June but better late than never hey?!

I always like to take a look back on the full year and see what has happened so I thought why not do a mid year one and look forward to what the rest of the year has to offer.

I’m not going to lie, 2019 didn’t start off the best for me but they say time is the best healer and with patience came good stuff. Now I did think about doing a proper chatty post of all the things that have gone on so far this year but I think I’ll save that for the end of the year where we all don’t have the small bit of summer weather to enjoy. I always find reading chatty longer blog posts a lot more comforting in the winter with a cup of hot chocolate…I’m probably alone on that ha.

It’s always good to see what you’ve achieved so far in the year to give you that boost and show that you can do more than you think. Even if that thing is small…it’s better than nothing. It’s important to big yourself up every now and again because no one else will when it comes down to it, you have to be your biggest fan.

Anyways, I thought I’d pick out a few notable things that I’ve taken away from 2019 so far and chat about what I hope the rest of the year will hold for me.

  • I started taking blogging a lot more seriously and putting more time into my blog. They say time, effort, dedication and patience pays off and that couldn’t be more true. I’ve absolutely loved creating regular content for my blog and social media platforms. I hope this continues and my content improves even more.
  • I hit 1000 followers on my Instgram which was a goal of mine for 2019 so to have already hit it is amazing. I know everything isn’t always about the numbers but it was nice to have something to aim for.
  • I worked with my first brand on some content and have a few more brands lined up. Even typing this seems crazy to me but this is my life now. It’s even more proof to me that making that decision last year to take blogging more seriously even more worth while.
  • I got myself a new job. After a bit of disaster at the end of 2018 and start of 2019 I finally got myself a new job after what seemed like tons of interviews. I’ve been in the job for just over a month now and I love it. I’m working with a lovely team, I don’t dread going in every morning and I’m passionate about what I’m working with.
  • I saw Shawn Mendes live at The O2 and truly experienced happiness that night. For one evening I could completely forget about my worries and enjoy myself. I sung my heart out and loved every minute of being at that gig. It’s the one night I wish I could relive but I’m so happy I have it as a memory.
  • I attended my first blogger meet up and in turn met some lovely bloggers that I can now call friends too. I never thought me typing some blog posts up in my bedroom would turn into a way of making new friends but I’m so glad it has.
  • My content has improved and continues to. The more time I take in creating flatlays and doing outfit shoots the better I’m getting. I’m slowly finding my style and creating a little brand for myself.
  • I’ve got back onto my medication for anxiety and depression. I’ve included this in here because I don’t feel ashamed about it. I needed a bit more help and I asked for it…so whats to feel ashamed about. I’m slowly getting there and I know it’s something that certainly requires time and patience.
  • Having my first solo day in London. Something that wasn’t meant to happen but a mix up with some training at work meant I found myself with a free day in London. It was actually really nice shows that I’m capable of a lot more than I first thought.
  • I got my manky Enter Shikari tattoo covered up (sorry guys…it’s nothing personal) with a beautiful peony piece that I absolutely love and still can’t get enough of. It also confirms the fact that I most definitely am getting my full sleeve done over the next few years and my right arm won’t be bare much longer (sorry Nan).
  • We booked our first family holiday in over 10 years and we’re heading to California later this year. Yep I can’t believe I’m actually typing this and it’s bloody true. I’ve already done one post on this but there’s a few more to come and obviously a ton when I come back from the trip.
  • I went to my first Disney meet up and finally met Luke and Rich from L&R Dreaming in London. They are the loveliest guys ever and I’m so happy I got to meet them and have a little chat.

I think I’ll stop there as it’s definitely turned into a chatty post after all. Turns out that even though before writing this I thought 2019 was a bit crap but it actually has been full of highlights and good things to remember.

What I’m hoping the rest of 2019 has in store for me is a bit of the same as the first half and even more. I’m of course heading on holiday and can’t wait for the content I’m going to create but also to relax and fully switch off with my family. I’m also looking forward to progressing with my job and hopefully learning a lot more. Regarding my blog I’m hoping to continue to improve my content and grow not only in terms of numbers but in terms of quality too. I’ll be doing blogmas again this year but I’m still trying to brain storm how I’ll be doing it. I want to push myself more creatively with my blog and social media platforms. Hopefully work with a few more brands too.

Whatever the rest of 2019 has in store for me, I’m hoping it’s positive and good. As it should be for all of you.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog to read my latest blog post. I hope you’ve enjoyed and feel free to leave a comment and follow me. Be sure to check back next week for a brand new post.

Until next time,

adoseofapril x

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16 thoughts on “2019 so far…a mid year review!”

  1. What a year you’ve been having! I wish I could blog a lot more but it’s impossible right now. That was one of my goals for this year, and I’ve tried my best thus far. I don’t want to pressure myself though. You should be proud of what you’ve achieved in the last few months x

    Lauren | By Lauren May

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