How to style slogan/graphic tees!

It’s become somewhat of a uniform for me now in the same way that cami tops were that most of my outfits consist of a slogan or graphic tee styled with some kind of bottom half. It’s an obvious thing to say but there has been a sudden influx of the trend of slogan/graphic tees being sold in shops. You can go into any high street or even higher end up shop and be greeted with some kind of tee. Some could say it’s a development from the classic plain t-shirt…the modern day version upgrade.

Seen as it’s become such a staple in my wardrobe and I’ve literally got drawers overflowing of slogan and graphic tees I thought it seemed about right to write about how I like styling them in different ways and why I like wearing them.

I think the thing I love about slogan and graphic tees the most is they can portray a message or feeling with the little effort of you putting it on. It doesn’t require any words to spoken or actions to be done…you like a band and want people to know, wear that band t-shirt. You wake up and in you’re in a certain mood…there’s probably a slogan tee that perfectly says how you’re feeling. They go with pretty much everything too and for any occasion.

My favourite places to go for slogan and graphics tees are probably quite obvious but can’t be beaten. Primark has no end of slogan and graphic tees ranging from as little as £2.50 to upwards of £10. You can always be sure to find current tees with films, music artists and games donning the front. I also find New Look are a good place to get slogan tees, especially for TV shows and destinations. I’m always really impressed with the quality and how long they last. You can get most tees between £5.99 to £14.99. Other notable shops are Topshop and Urban Outfitters depending on your budget and style of slogan and graphic tees.

My favourite and most worn way of styling slogan and graphic tees is tucked in to a midi skirt or trousers. I tend to go for a plainer option if I’m opting for a bolder print on my skirt or trousers. I really like wearing the destination type slogan tees like the New York ones I got from Primark or Topshop with a polka dot print or floral skirt. I also tend to inject a slight bit of colour into a more monochrome outfit with the text on the slogan tee, red is my most worn colour this way. With trousers I tend to go for a check or polka dot pattern so sticking to a simpler tee is always good and doesn’t distract away from the trousers. I always find tucking the tees in makes styling them so much tidier.

Another way I like styling slogan and graphic tees in particular is with the classic and tried/tested jeans! I’m always going to be a super skinny jeans wearing lover but I was recently converted to straight leg jeans after finding some from F&F at Tesco’s. I tend to find wearing slightly cropped bolder prints and colours with super skinny high waisted jeans goes quite nicely and is flattering. This is a great way to introduce more colour and bolder prints into your wardrobe without going to far out of your comfort zone. When I wear straight leg jeans I like styling band tees with a statement western style belt. It’s the perfect mix between comfort and style.

What I like about styling slogan and graphic tees is the ability to change up an outfit with one simple item, you could be wearing jeans or a midi skirt with a slogan tee during the day but have the outfit completely change in the evening by just changing the type and style of how you’re wearing it. Whether that be the actual slogan or graphic or adding some accessories.

I feel like the trend of slogan and graphic tees in their current state will stick around for the foreseeable future and getting a few now isn’t a bad idea, in fact it’s pretty smart. A lot of them will only age with time even some tees on sale now are distressed to look old so why not invest in something new now and do it organically yourself over time.


How do you like styling your slogan and graphic tees? Have I convinced you to maybe give them a go if not?

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog again this week, I hope you enjoyed my latest post. Be sure to come back next week for a brand new post.

Until next time,

adoseofapril x

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15 thoughts on “How to style slogan/graphic tees!”

  1. I LOVE a slogan tee, but I HATE the majority of the neck lines on them?! Why do we have to stick slogans on your bog standard tshirts?! I’d love to have a slogan tee on something a little more… stylish? Caitylis x x


    1. Me either! Now I struggle to think what I’d wear other than slogan tees! So weird how things like that get introduced within your wardrobe and you never look back haha xx


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