Spring/Summer staples!

As the weeks start to creep towards June and the weather seems to be improving, I’ve been thinking about what items I will be wearing for the end of Spring and throughout summer. I’ve well and truly packed all my winter clothes away now which you know is a sign that the weather is getting better and there’s no going back. The summer clothes from last year have been added back into my wardrobe and items I’ve purchased in the last few months are finally going to get worn properly.

It’s always tricky I find to figure out what items that will always be staples in your wardrobe for Spring/Summer as trends come and go every year. I find people are much more willing to invest in key items during the colder months but not the warmer ones. However, I’m here today to help you all out in narrowing down what Spring/Summer staples you should in your wardrobe year in and year out. I found by looking through things I packed away from last year the items that I decided to put back in my wardrobe is a sign that they’re staples for me.

The items I’ve ended up including in this blog post all can be used as part of a sort of capsule wardrobe so it’s also good for packing for holidays and if you have limited space for storing clothes.


No outfit for me is complete without a few accessories especially in the warmer months. There is of course the obvious like sunglasses but I just find some key staple accessories can finish off an outfit and add that little bit more detail to it.

As mentioned sunglasses are always going to be a staple for me and pretty much everyone when it comes to summer staples, I used to be a bit addicted to buying sunglasses but have reduced my collection to a few pairs, in particular a pair I got from Accessorize a few years back. They’re the perfect size, I love the pattern and they’re protective which is the main thing. Other staple items for me is a lovely straw bag, this is a trend that has survived a few years and I think for a very good reason, they’re versatile and practical. I added a circle straw bag to my collection this year from Primark, it’s the perfect size for days out and goes with so many different outfits. Another big trend this year has been hair accessories which I’m totally here for. I’ve added some hair clips, hair bands and hair ties to my staples this year. You can still look put together even if your hair is a mess and you’re sweating hot. I think it’s important to pick wisely when it comes to hair accessories as you want them to go with as many outfits as possible. That’s why I haven’t got for many in your face patterned items.


I’m going to say it now so I get it out of the way…I’ve never been a massive fan of sandals and I’ve come to the conclusion that I just don’t suit or like dainty footwear. This is why I only own two pairs of sandals but hoping to invest in another pair that are a similar style to Doc Martens sandals. I’m including sandals in my staples because there is days that I just can’t put my feet in vans or converse. My ultimate pair of sandals are again something I purchased a few years ago and are without the most comfortable thing apart from slippers that I can wear on my feet. They’re also sandals bu aren’t too dainty looking because of the thickness of the straps. I’ve added my classic low top white converse because not a summer has gone by where I haven’t worn these. They’re the perfect choice for a day where you’ll be on your feet and want some stability rather than sandals. They also pretty much go with any outfit you’ll wear so it’s a win win.


The section you’ve been wanting for I assume and the biggest one of them all so I hope you’ve got a cuppa and some biscuits with you or since we’re talking warmer weather, I hope you have a Mojito and seasonally appropriate fruit with you! That’s more like it. Polar opposite to winter, I find it much easier to dress for summer as I don’t have to think about 10 different layers that go together or worrying about tights laddering. It’s much easier to chuck something on in the summer and look like you’ve made an effort.

Midi Dresses and Jumpsuits

I’ve put these both in the same section as they’re the same sort of item in the sense that you can chuck them on and be done. I love outfits like that, especially when it’s hot and you really can’t be bothered to plan an outfit.

For me you can’t go wrong with jumpsuits, they’re comfy, stylish and come in a variety of styles/colours. You can also dress them up or down which means they’re the perfect transitional and versatile piece perfect for summer days into summer evenings.I recently got a red floral jumpsuit from New Look and it’s perfect for summer days with some sandals or converse and can be dressed up in the evening with some heeled sandals. It can be a bit daunting wearing such a bold colour of one piece of clothing but it really makes the difference which I found out when I got a lovely mustard yellow jumpsuit from Tesco. Jumpsuits are always something that I will keep year to year as I just never tire of them. They’re also a lot cheaper compared to buying two items for an outfit too.

Midi dresses as I’ve mentioned are another go to me and something I normally opt for if I want to look a bit more put together than a jumpsuit. Again midi dresses are coming back into fashion this year and I’m so glad about it. I feel because of my height, mini dresses just aren’t flattering and are normally too short on me so midi dresses are the perfect pieces for me. They hit the right part of my leg and again can be dressed up or down. I got this khaki green midi dress from New Look last year and I still love it as much this year. I feel like I’ve reached the age where showing as much skin as possible just isn’t for me and shops are definitely catering for that when it comes to midi dresses. Primark and New Look for sure are places to look for midi dresses and at really affordable prices too.

Midi skirts

This will come as no surprise adding midi skirts into this post but I just couldn’t not mention them. They’ve especially become a staple in my wardrobe over the last few years and with good reason. The clothing market is flooded with them midi skirts at the moment so you’ll definitely won’t find it hard to find one for yourself. Be sure to check out my blog post all about styling midi skirts if you need any inspiration. Similar to the midi dresses I find them extremely flattering for my height but also the right amount of comfort and effort. Midi skirts will also see you through Autumn and Winter so they’re definitely worth the investment. I picked this red floral midi skirt up from New Look recently and it’s perfect for adding a bit of print and colour into my outfit and will go with any slogan t-shirts and converse/sandals.


This is definitely a piece of clothing that has stood the test of time for me and again something that is still in trend for shops. Primark is definitely the place to get a variety of different styles and colours of culottes. I love wearing culottes with a slogan t-shirt or a sort of blouse, I find they look effortless and smart without looking like you’ve over done it. I love wearing patterned culottes as I find it again adds some kind of interest to your outfit, stripes and spots are a favourite of mine.

White tops

I’ve added white tops to this post because you will always be in need of white tops for summer. They can be worn with any outfit, especially midi skirts and culottes and looks effortless if you invest in the right sort of style. I find looser and thinner fabrics make it easier to style with skirts and trousers as you can tuck them in. They also look more flattering and won’t be as hot in the warmer weather to wear. I got this white sort of crop top from Primark this year and it’s so comfy/easy to wear with pretty anything even straight leg jeans. I also picked up this white floral print vest from Matalan which would be perfect to add a bit of pattern to an outfit if you’re wearing a block colour on your bottom. If you’re ever stuck with what top to wear then you’ll never go wrong with a white top.

If you’ve reached this far then you definitely deserve another mojito and a massive thank you for reading this whole blog post. I didn’t fully realise how long it would end up being, turns out my staples are something I like talking about.

What are your spring/summer staples this year? I’d love to find out.

Again thanks so much for stopping by my blog to read my latest blog post. Be sure to check back next week for a brand new post.

Until next time,

adoseofapril x

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  1. I need more accessories in my life! Especially that long ribbon hair tie! I swear by a good pair of denim shorts but now I’m into midi skirts a lot x


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