Midi Skirts – Where, How, Why!

I’m not one for following fashion trends, I’m a big believer in wearing whatever you want feel comfortable in, regardless of if they’re trendy or not. Clothes can have many different uses; comfort, expression, statement. For me clothes are a way for me to at times appear more confident than I am but also feel comfortable. I haven’t been comfortable with my size for the last few years but introducing midi skirts into my wardrobe has definitely helped.

For me midi skirts have become a mix of confidence and comfort. I can chuck on a midi skirt and feel like the best version of me. I ended up gathering quite a collection of midi skirts last year when they first started to appear in shops. I’m so thankful I ended up getting quite a few as it’s come in so handy not only for Spring/Summer but Winter/Autumn. Midi skirts are such a versatile piece that can be style for any season and that’s what I love about them. I’m also surprised that they’ve come back into shops this year as they were so popular last year too.

In today’s blog post I thought I’d talk about midi skirts, where I buy them, how I style them and why I think you need to have at least one in your wardrobe this year! I asked on Instagram if this is something people would like reading and it was without doubt a yes…so here we are!


My favourite places to buy midi skirts range from what type I’m looking for. I’m the type of person that likes a bargain but also buys things like midi skirts that are going to last.

ASOS – It goes without saying that ASOS is a sure bet for buying midi skirts, if you want an every day block colour skirt then this is the place for you. The ASOS design midi skirts are a perfect and easy to style.

New Look – This year I think New Look has to be THE shop to get midi skirts, every time I go in store or look online there’s new skirts added. There’s a range of styles from circle to pencil and so many patterns too.

Primark – It goes without saying that Primark is the cheapest place to go for midi skirts and it’s somewhere that you need to get them as soon as you see them. These are the midi skirts that will be most on trend like snake print, neon and quirky patterns. I’ve kept quite a few Primark midi skirts from last year and I love styling them.

Joanie – I’m purely adding Joanie to the list because I have a couple of skirts from there that I wear to death. You can get your vintage circle midi skirts from here that add a bit of interest to your outfit or you can get midi skirts that you can dress up or down with heels/trainers.


With the warmer weather creeping up on us, styling midi skirts will become as easy as chucking on a floaty dress in the morning. For me the midi skirt always acts as a key item in my outfits, I kind of base everything else round it. How I like to style it depends on what kind of vibe I want to give off but also how comfortable I want to be.

For me the obvious choice is a slogan t-shirt…helps if the slogan is relevant to you on the day. Depending on the midi skirt I’d use it to inject colour or pattern into the outfit or add the colour in through the t-shirt. Footwear for me is always an easy choice and probably a bit boring after wearing them every time but once you find something that fits it’s silly to change. Old skool vans or high top converse are always my go to. What I like about a lot of midi skirts is that there is normally a waist band that pulls in your waist so tucking the t-shirt in just pulls the whole outfit together.

Another go to outfit for me is something for a milder day where you need a bit of extra warmth. Yes it’s another slogan item but if you can’t express how you’re feeling through your clothing items then how will you?! I like styling a block colour slogan jumper with a monochrome midi skirt as it gives a nice balance between the two items. I also find that this looks good with tights if you’re styling it for Autumn/Winter.

If I’m wanting to style a midi skirt up to be a bit more formal I’d opt for a cami vest or bodysuit which would either be a block colour or small print like flowers or spots. Then would add a leather jacket and small heels to finish it off. I find this looks effortless with the right amount of impact. It’s also so comfy and does the job.

What I love about midi skirts is that they are so easy to and versatile to style that you could wear the same one for day and night with only subtle changes needed to carry them through.


You may be asking yourself…why has she dedicated a whole blog post to one item of clothing. Well when you have more than 10+ versions of that item it shows that it’s something worth talking about. Midi skirts I find work for me because not only for my height but my shape too. I have quite long legs which most people I’m sure wouldn’t mind but it makes it hard to find skirts that are long enough so I don’t feel like I’m flashing my bum cheeks. Midi skirts are just about the right length for me and also look flattering enough over my belly as I tend to wear them high waisted.

Midi skirts are always a good staple to have in your wardrobe for those days where you don’t know what to wear. You instantly look put together and like you made an effort. There’s a midi skirt for everyone, no matter how tall, short or body shape you are.

This was the first time I’ve done styling post like this so I don’t know how it’s gone…hopefully well enough! It’s been nice doing something a bit different and who knows this may be the first of many styling posts. I hope this proved somewhat helpful to those that wanted it, be sure to follow my Instagram for more midi skirt styling inspiration and more.

Thank you for stopping by my blog, be sure to come back next week for a brand new post.

Until next time,

adoseofapril x

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  1. […] To think when I purchased my first midi skirt that I was a bit skeptical about if I would wear it or not. They’re also a piece that I see now every year that comes into fashion and is a reoccurring trend. I’m so glad I ended up stocking up on a few I saw last year as they’ve lasted me through another year and they’re items in my wardrobe I couldn’t be without. If you’re wanting to know how to style midi skirts be sure to check my blog post I wrote a few weeks ago about them here. […]


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