My go to concealers!

It recently came to my attention (when buying another concealer) that I seem to be somewhat of a magpie when it comes to buying concealers. I know, of all the make-up items I could buy for some reason I always steer to concealers. I think logic kicks in because it’s a product I know I’m going to use no matter what.

Over the years I’ve tried my fair share of concealers which means at the age of 23 years old I feel equipped enough with some knowledge on what concealers are worth your time and money…well in my opinion of course.

There’s bound to be a concealer for everyone’s price bracket as I’m not one to steer towards high end or drug store…which is odd really considering most foundations I buy are always high end.

Now concealers are a key part of my make-up routine…it’s the product that will cover your dreaded dark circles and spots that just tend to appear out of nowhere. I have a few concealers that I use for different purposes and I’ve found that really helps in getting the full benefit of the product.

Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear

It’s a cult favourite and no make-up collection can be without this gem of a concealer. If you want a creamy and good coverage concealer for under £5 then you’ve got it right here. Collection has recently also added more shade ranges to the concealers which is awesome. I’ve been repurchasing this bad boy for years now and feel a bit odd if I run out and don’t have a back up already in my make-up drawer. I find this is perfect for under my eyes in the lighter shades and then gives a good enough coverage for spots and blemishes in a slightly darker shade (still a light/fair shade though).

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye

If I were to ever put concrete on my face or grout I think this product would be very close in comparing to that and I mean that in the nicest and best possible way. Holy moly, this concealer is thick and the coverage is next level! It does what it says on the tube…bye bye under eye indeed, there ain’t going to be any dark circles in sight after using this bad boy! A little goes a long way and well that’s music to my ears because this product ain’t cheap! I find it actually works best when applied with a damp beauty blender as it tends to blend easier and go even further due to the thick consistency. It’s so much fuller coverage compared to their CC cream which it like the opposite end of the spectrum.

Sephora Bright Future Gel Serum

I picked this up on a bit of whim last year when in New York and I’m so glad I did. I always like trying new concealers from make-up brands/stores (hence this blog post) and well I had high hopes for the own brand Sephora one. I can’t remember exactly how much this way but I don’t think it was too break your bank kind of prices. This is the concealer I’ve been using the most recently and with good reasons. I love the gel/cream consistency, it makes it really easy to apply and blend…especially under your eyes, it just goes on so perfectly. The wand is the perfect size and shape too as well as the shade I managed to get…not bad for colour matching by eye aye?! I find this is also really good for my dry skin due to the gel like formula which means that it’s perfect for those winter or colder spring days which we’re bound to still have in the coming months.

Morphe Fluidity Full Coverage

This is the newest concealer to my collection and well…where have you been all my life?! This product is full coverage indeed and lives up to it’s name for sure. I got colour matched in store and wanted a slightly lighter shade to help brighten my under eyes up so therefore isn’t suitable for my spots and blemishes. I’m so impressed with this concealer and for £9 it does such a good job that some higher end concealers I’ve tried fail to do. It’s a pretty hefty size product for the price too which means it’ll last you a while too. This is definitely a concealer I’d reach for if I was doing a full face that needed to last all day and night, once that concealer goes on it ain’t going anywhere.

Glossier Stretch

If you’re looking for a concealer for those no make-up make-up days that you can put on with your finger whilst on the go…look no further than Glossier Stretch concealer. This was purchased during my “oh my days, I need to buy one of everything from Glossier” phases that didn’t happen too long ago in all honesty and well I’m glad it’s now in my possession. This is a great pot of concealer goodness which adds a lovely light/medium coverage depending on how much you build it up and a slight glow too which makes you look healthy even if you’ve had 3 hours sleep from binging Sons of Anarchy…not that I’m speaking from experience or anything… It’s definitely on the pricey side of concealers but this will last you a good while and is perfect for the hotter sunnier months.

Rimmel Wake Me Up

I remember a time where everyone was raving about this concealer as well as the foundation…I knew the foundation wasn’t for me so I went for the former. I love this concealer if I’m a bit tanned and want to add a bit of glow to my face. The shade range isn’t the best but ah well what can you do. It’s definitely different to anything else I have in my make-up collection and I think that’s why I like it. This obviously works best under your eyes and does work magic for bringing my face to life even if I feel like death warmed up. It’s the second cheapest concealer I’ve mentioned on this list and definitely worth a mention.

So those were a selection of concealers currently in my make-up collection that have been tried and tested by me and repurchased far too many times in some cases. I hope you find this somewhat insightful and interesting.

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet and taking the time to read my latest post. Be sure to check back next week for a brand new post.

Until next time,

adoseofapril x

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