10 minute make up…

Now I’m going to admit this now right from the start…I can be quite lazy at times and that’s no secret. When it comes to doing my make-up it totally depends on my mood and amount of effort I have to put in to making my face presentable to the world. I love make-up and have done for years, the older I get the more I learn about it and what suits me the most. If I have the time and effort to do a full face in the morning I will but 9 times out of 10, I chuck a few products on and bosh I’m done ready for the day.

I feel like I’ve got my ’10 minute make up’ look down pretty well and I thought today it was about time I share it with you all. With only a handful of products I can make my face look like I’ve got make up and therefore presentable but not to the extent that I’ve made lots of effort because I haven’t!

It’s like a dream come true when you nail your quick make-up look and it works for you. I find this look is perfect for work or a casual day out on a weekend. It’s also perfect for travelling as it only contains 6 items…yes that’s right, 6 items!

For my base I’ve been using the IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream which gives me enough coverage to add a bit of life to my skin but not too much that I notice it’s there during the day. It’s also an extremely build able foundation that means it works for both longer wear and evening wear. I really love this as a base for a quick make-up look as a little goes a long way whilst it’s also easy to apply with fingers or a beauty blender.

Now to cover those dark bags under my eyes and a few spots on my face I’ve been using the Glossier Stretch Concealer which comes as no surprise as most of their make-up is there to achieve that quick no make-up make-up look whilst still making your skin look flawless. I’ve found the best way to apply this is with your finger as you can get the product warmed up when getting it out of the pot but it also applies really nicely to the skin with a finger. Again this product is build able and can cover eye bags quite well, I also find that it brightens my under eyes a little bit too which is never a bad thing.

To add a bit of colour to my face I look no further than bronzer and one I’ve loved for quite a few years now. Forget about your expensive bronzer’s…it’s all about the Collection Bronze Glow Mosaic Powder which I used in shade Sunkissed. This also doubles up as my eye shadow colour too which saves space and time especially when travelling. I love the mosaic nature of this bronzer as I find it adds a bit of depth when applying on the cheeks. There’s a bit of glitter in it as well that I find doubles up as a bit of a highlighter too. So for £2.99 you’re basically getting 3 products in 1 and it can last for ages too!

My favourite thing to do when it comes to make-up is weirdly my eyebrows and I use a Glossier Boy Brow dupe that I discovered during Blogmas so thanks to whatever blogger recommended it. Essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel is literally perfect for making your brows look well groomed without much effort at all and there’s a slight tint to the gel so it can add a bit of depth too. The brush is tiny so it’s perfect brows and is a quarter of the price of Glossier.

To hold all of that good make-up on my face I use the Glossier Wowder which I’ll have to admit took some getting used as I don’t tend to use loose powder but this is so easy to use when in a rush. My make-up doesn’t budge during the day and is perfect for finishing a look off without making you feel cakey. I don’t use the brush that I got with it though because I prefer to use a much bigger one to cover a bigger surface area…my big face haha!

The last thing to finish my make-up look with probably 30 seconds to spare is mascara. Now I’m always on the hunt for mascaras and my latest one is the Too Faced Better than Sex which I flipping love. Yes it does give you that more glamours looking eyelashes but I find it pulls in the whole make-up look and adds a bit of volume to it. If you are travelling though, make sure you have enough weight limit for this mascara as it’s so heavy!

So in 10 minutes I’ve managed to make myself look presentable enough to be seen outside the house with only a handful of products. This will also be the perfect look for when the weather gets a bit hotter and I don’t want to much on my face.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and I hope you enjoyed my latest post. Be sure to check back next week for a brand new post.

What is your go to 10 minute make-up look?

Until next time,

adoseofapril x

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