Falling in love with Disney!

For many people around my age, Disney would have summed up their childhood. Whether that be watching film after film, dressing in themed clothing, visiting the various parks or being all round obsessed with everything Disney. For me though, I was never really brought up on Disney, yes I saw the odd film here and there but I wasn’t all that bothered about it to be honest. There was other things I was more interested in, music mainly in all honesty. What I can remember though is my love for Toy Story has always been strong and my years leading up to becoming a teenager were spent watching the Disney channel shows which I suppose isn’t what most people class as classic Disney.

However, at the age of 23…my love for Disney has suddenly appeared and made itself present loud and clear. I’m not really sure what sparked the love but I think my YouTube delving definitely influenced it. Yes I entered the whole new YouTube corner of Disney vlogs and well I haven’t looked back since.

For today’s blog post I wanted to do something completely different and talk about falling in love with something such as Disney at my age and how it can change or affect your life.

I know what I’m about to say is going to be a bit controversial but hear me out first… For many years I’ve always perceived liking Disney as a bit childish and I know where this came from, partly due to the fact that past friends who liked it never really seemed to mature and act their age and also because it’s something a lot of people like I said earlier liked when they were younger. For me I thought it was something people grew out of for the most part and moved onto something better or different.

Now as a 23 year that is discovering all that I missed when I was younger has the better understanding of why so many people love Disney and invest so much love and time into it. Yes it is something that many people loved when they were children but Disney is for all ages and hold so many different meanings to people. I love how Disney as a whole is so inclusive that it really doesn’t matter who you are, there’s something for everyone to love.

I don’t want to come across that I was anti Disney the whole of my childhood because that definitely isn’t the case. My one true love in Disney form was always and forever will be Toy Story. Something really struck a cord with me when I first watched it many moons ago but ever since I have loved the films and the merchandise that came along with it. I think what I loved the most about it is that it’s so relatable and accurate of what children around my age were doing and probably imagined what their toys would be doing if they came alive. It’s such a creative and innovative film that strikes joy and happiness for me every time I watch it.

Other than Toy Story though nothing really took my fancy as a child. I never wanted to be a princess from any of those classic Disney films and never really took an interest in fancying any of the princes ha! I’ve decided now as a newly reformed Disney lover to make it my mission to watch all those classic Disney films and see what ones I fall in love with a second time around.

As I mentioned earlier, a massive part in me discovering my love for Disney at 23 was the YouTube corner relating to Disney…more specifically Disney vlogs from people visiting the parks. I think something clicked with me when I saw how happy and joyful people were when they were in the parks and that maybe it could do the same for me in my own way. It’s also been pretty hard to keep away from anything Mickey related as it was his 90th birthday in 2018 so I was quite literally overcome with Disney stuff where ever I went. It’s been so interesting and entertaining watching people document their time in the Disney parks though and seeing it from their perspective. I can’t wait to one day experience it myself.

A few of my favourite YouTube accounts to watch are… (all channels will be linked)

  • Brogan Tate – Disney vlogs but also awesome day to day videos too…try not to fall in love with her, I dare you!
  • Adam Hattan – A bundle of joy and knowledge.
  • Gary C – Full of enthusiasm, songs and joy.
  • Disney in Detail – The name says it all…
  • Yaz and Ash – Most recent find but I’ve fallen in love already. Such a down to earth couple that are so cool. It’s like being on their trip with them.
  • L&R Dreaming – I absolutely love watching these guys and their trips. Their vlogmas was also so good to watch. Down to earth lovely guys.

My love for Disney has fully come through in regards to my viewing habits of YouTube and now films/TV but it has slowly crept through into my day to day life of clothing and accessories. I’m not one to wear things that scream about something I like…it just isn’t my style and that hasn’t changed with the few pieces I’ve picked up so far that are Disney related. I’ve picked up a few interior picks that fit in really nicely with my room decor already and just add a bit more character to my room. For clothing and accessories I’ve found that sometimes less is more but if it’s more be a bit more tasteful. I’ve found Primark and SkinnyDip to be really good for finding some really cool pieces to fit in with your day to day style like t-shirts, bags and phonecases.

It’s been fun and cool exploring something that is nearly completely new to me and finding what aspects I love the most. I don’t think I’ll ever love Disney as much as some people but I’ve definitely found out that there’s a place in my heart and life for it that I think was missing it before.

I’m not really sure what this blog post ended up being in all honesty but I’ve enjoyed writing it regardless. It was also fun and interesting to write about something I’ve never touched upon before so I’m all for pushing myself and exploring new areas.

Are you a Disney fan? Have you been since you were little or am I not alone?

Thanks again for stopping by and reading my latest post. Be sure to check back every week for a new post from me…

Until next time,

adoseofapril x

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