The definition of happiness can be different for everyone, it can be determined by how someone becomes happy. For me I love looking at happiness that way, we could all experience being happy but in our own unique way, kind of like life.

It was late one night and I started thinking about what makes me truly happy and gives me a true reason to smile. I came to the conclusion after a while of thinking that I can actually count the things that make me happy on one hand. I think that says a lot about me as a person that I hadn’t really addressed before. I’ll be the first one to admit that I’m a lover of things, my room is full of items that for me holds a lot of memories. But a lot of things are just there because I saw them in a shop and liked them…I suppose you could label me as somewhat materialistic but I wouldn’t say in a bad way.

What I’ve gathered from my late night pondering on what makes me happy is that I don’t need most of the stuff I have but I like having them…there’s no harm in that. I suppose it’s just nice to put things into perspective. I believe everyone should do every once in a while because it also gives you an insight into how your life is going.

I thought I’d go through those few things that I came to the conclusion that makes me truly happy. I was honestly surprised at what truly makes me happy and I think a lot of people that end up doing this would be too.

  • MUSIC – I think this was the most obvious one for me and has been for as long as I could remember. For me music is like this journey that can take you anywhere. I’m truly at my happiest while at a gig listening to one of my favourite artists performing whilst singing my heart out…the most recent one I can remember is seeing Shawn Mendes live for the first time. I had the biggest smile on my face during and after, I just had the best time and didn’t want it to be over. I also love just listening to music whilst in the bath or laying on my bed relaxing…I truly feel transported somewhere magically no matter what I’m listening to. It’s like my escape from the real world and an opportunity to just live in the moment and be happy.
  • SPENDING TIME WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS – I know it probably sounds cliche to add this in but thinking back to random nights spent with friends and family just fills me with joy and happiness. Whether that’s playing card or board games until the late hours of the evenings or just going out for a nice meal and drinks. Connecting with people you love and enjoy their company is the recipe for happiness for me. You really can’t beat quality family time and that’s so so true. I’m the first one to admit that I’m addicted to my phone but when I’m with friends and family I don’t feel the need to be on it as much or at all. My time is occupied by something much better.
  • TAKING PHOTOS – I’ve always had an interest in taking photos in any format, I love being able to look back on memories and have something that truly ensembles that moment. It’s also a great excuse to get out exploring new places and revisiting old places too. I’ve been to so many cool places for the pure reason of taking photos. I love being with my camera whatever from that is and capturing a moment in time. That’s why I love Instagram as a social platform so much, it’s like this online digital scrapbook/photo album that you can create yourself.

  • WRITING – The real reason I started a blog came from my love of writing, something I’ve mentioned before. I used to write a lot in my spare time, whether that was short stories, poems, song lyrics or whatever. I just love how writing could be this outlet for me get my emotions and feelings out in such a creative way. Writing a blog post gives me such happiness because I feel like I’m doing something for myself and giving myself this chance to create.
  • SHOPPING – I purposely left this one until last because I knew some people would turn their nose up at this blog post if they saw this first. I don’t want to fed into stereotypes here but I’m a girl that loves shopping…breaking news huh?! For me shopping is like this escape that I can do with a friend or my mum that takes my mind off things and really enables a passion of mine to be set free. I love styling and fashion so sometimes I do just go window shopping looking at what’s new in stores and letting my passion run wild. When I say shopping, to me it’s so much more that just browsing in a clothes shop, it means more to me than that. It’s an outlet for me to become who I am and show that on the outside with clothes.

As you can see, there’s a few things that definitely did surprise me when it comes to my true happiness. I loved really exploring myself and what I deem as happiness and what makes it.

What few things would you say truly make you happy? It’s an excersise that you may find easy or hard to do but something so worth while.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my latest blog post. Be sure to come back again for more content like this and lots of other posts.

Until next time,

adoseofapril x

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