13/ Goals for 2019

I’ve always been one for making goals whether that’s for the day in the form of a to-do list or for the year every New Year’s Day. The only problem is, I don’t do well at sticking to them. Not through any luck of trying but just through forgetting or finding something else to do instead. Gone are the days where I make those typical goals or resolutions where I try to eat healthy or exercise more because they’re just not realistic and have no real meaning to me. I’ll eat healthy when the moment feels right and exercise more when I need to.

For me, 2019 is for setting goals that I can work all year for and see the end result. Goals that will benefit my happiness fully and that I want to put my effort into. I’ve actually thought long and hard about the goals I’m going to set for myself and complied a list of them that I’m going to go through for today’s blogmas post.

  • Continue to grow my blog and improve my content –

I think I’ve already started this due to the fact I’m doing Blogmas but I want to continue this commitment of blogging regularly…maybe not everyday though but more consistently than I have been doing this year. I believe my content has improved as I’ve had more time to put effort into my posts but there’s always room for improvement right?! I’ve been loving doing flatlays recently but I am interested in branching out even more. My blog has become my little baby over the last month and I’ve loved nurturing it and I hope to continue this in 2019. We’ll have to check back this time next year to see how I’ve done…

  • Reach 1000 followers on Instagram

I know it’s not all about numbers but for me reaching 1000 followers would be such an awesome milestone for me. I had the goal of reaching 600 by the end of the year and I got it at the start of December so I hope 1000 followers isn’t too much to reach. I still find it amazing that people follow me to begin with, little old me posting photos I think are cool and worthy of gracing my feed.

  • Pass my driving test…finally!!

I think this has featured on every New Year goals I’ve made in the last few years. I’m practical test ready but I just can’t seem to pass my theory for some bloody reason! Passing my test would give me so much more freedom and Independence that I need and open up more doors for me hopefully. Wish me luck and hopefully I’ll be hitting the roads in the next few months.

  • Travel more and see the world

This is something I started a few years and even though it’s a pretty open goal to make, I hope I can tap into a bit more during 2019. I’ve got plans to finally visit California next year which will hopefully happen, I’ve always wanted to visit and I’ve got family over there so it would be nice to see them again finally! This goal will definitely depend on my money situation though, so trips within the UK may feature a bit more or even a bit further in Europe. I’m excited for whatever travel plans 2019 has for me.

  • Move out of my family home

This is a goal that I’ve put in here because I finally feel like it’s time I move out and have my own little place but again this will depend on my job situation and money. I’ve always loved the thought of having my own space that sums up me and making it my own. It wouldn’t be anything special but I’d make it home for me.

  • Get a job I’m happy in

You spend so much of your life in a job so I want to finally find one that I’m happy in and enjoy. I know it’s a big ask but I believe it’s out there for me and I’m determined to find it in 2019. Whether that be eventually a full time or part time blogger, working in an office or shop. I want to find an environment I feel happy in doing something that I think is worthwhile of my time.

  • Gucci Soho Disco small black leather bag

I’ll admit it, this goal is pretty materialistic but it’s something for me that I want to work towards and have as a reward to myself. I’ve always wanted to own a designer bag but could never justify dropping that amount of money on one thing. However, I did purchase a fake one of the exact bag I want to test out if I would use it and well my test works and even though it still is a lot of money I’m aiming to save for it so I can finally own the bag of my dreams.

  • New laptop

Since starting blogmas and having a lot more free time on my hands for the past few months I’ve been using my laptop a lot more than I used to. What has become apparent is that I’m going to have to fork out some serious pounds on a new laptop in 2019 in order to progress with some of my other goals. I’m looking at getting a Macbook of some kind…still in the research stage of buying at the moment. I want something a lot more portable than mine currently and something that doesn’t take half an hour to load up. Sorry blue HP laptop, you’re days are becoming numbered I’m afraid.

  • Go on more photo missions

I’m pretty sure I featured this in my last years resolutions but this is definitely something I want to stick to in 2019. I love photography and it’s something I want to improve and progress with. I’m a firm believer that with things like photography, if you invest time and effort into it then you’ll see the rewards…quite literally.

So those were my goals for 2019, ended up having quite a few so looks like the new year will be a busy one for me. I love knowing that I’m going into 2019 with a purpose and also focus. Nothing but good things to come I hope.

Thanks for taking the time to read my latest blogmas post, I hope this has maybe inspired you to think about your goals for 2019 and what you hope the new year will hold for you.

Until next time,

adoseofapril x

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