4/ Christmas Gifts On A Budget!

Tis the season of giving and receiving. For many of us I can probably assume that whilst it’s lovely to give gifts and also receive them, the thought of Christmas shopping feels us with at times dread and stress. Money can be tight especially round this time of year and you don’t want to be rude and not get someone something but you need your money to go a certain distance when it comes to who you buy for.

I’m very much on a budget this year and this got me thinking of how I could save money but still give gifts to my loved ones without feeling like I’m missing out on the joy of giving. For me nothing beats giving someone a gift on Christmas or a birthday, I love seeing their reaction…I’ll admit I sometimes build it up too much in my head and get disappointed when their reaction isn’t what I thought it would be but that’s just me.

For day four of blogmas I thought I’d do a good old gift guide for gifts on a budget that still show thought and love went into them. All of the gifts featured in this post didn’t cost me anymore than £10 which I consider is a good budget to set yourself for a decent gift. Or you could just end up getting a handful of gift cards because it isn’t Christmas if you haven’t received one really?!

Make up bag filled with treats

I’ve done this previously with friends birthday presents and it’s always seemed to go down well. This can be adapted to any member of your family at Christmas. It can even be done as a family hamper for all members of the family. If you know the person you’re giving the present to quite well, try adding a bit more thought into what you’re going to include, for example if you know they like a certain skincare brand or scent. It’s also a really good practical present too, you’re getting something they can later use in their day to day life. You can add as little effort you want to this but I can guarantee it’ll always go down well. It’s the gift that keeps on giving… My favourite places to get items to go in make up bag gifts like this are Superdrug, Poundland, Wilko and Primark.

Mug with drink selection

Yes you can get this premade and packaged in many shops this time of the year but if you’re smart with your money you can actually do it much cheaper. For the added personal touch to this, you can get a letter mug or something relating to the person you’re buying for. You can make this mug gift catered to a person hot drink of choice, for tea drinkers you could add some posher tea bags with nice biscuits, for coffee drinkers you could add some latte sachets with a small bottle of syrup or for hot chocolate drinkers which is the classic you can get plenty of different variety of sachets with marshmallows. I just think this gift is so cute and lovely to be given and received. It is again also very practical because not only will the hot drink warm you up but the mug can be used over and over again. My favourite places to get mugs from are Wilko and Tesco and you can get all your hot drink components from Poundland or any supermarket.

Themed photo gift

Now you could just print a few photos out of your favourite moments with the person but I like to go one step further and put a bit more thought into it. If you went on holiday or to a particular place with that person or you know they like something a lot then create a photo gift themed around that topic. I’ve chosen Friends in particular for this gift as I went to FriendsFest this year and got so many cool photos that it seems a shame to just have them on my phone not really being seen. I found a quote about photos, framed it in a on theme frame and printed a favourite photo off and framed it too. It just makes the gift of a photo a bit more extra and adds context to it.

Recipe in a jar

Again this is something you can buy premade in a shop but at a much higher cost. I managed to find a pretty nice and reusable in the future jar in TK Maxx for £2.49 and then found a recipe that I put all the dry ingredients in the jar. Don’t forget to write down the full recipe and instructions too so they know what they’re making…this can be used as a decoration on the jar too! You can make this as personal as you want, whether that’s the persons favourite thing to eat and how you choose to decorate and theme the jar. It also gives the person something to do with your gift rather than just receiving something like clothes or a voucher. This is really fun to create and put together too and just adds a bit more of a fun element to a present. Again it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

DIY t-shirt cushion

This is something me and my mum actually did a few years ago with some band t-shirts I no longer wore but didn’t want to get rid of. This can be done with any graphic t-shirt from TV shows to bands to movies. For me nothing beats my Biffy Clyro cushions, they’re a great addition to my bed and are again practical. It’ can be such a personal gift and something that people are guaranteed to love plus you’ll re purposing something old and giving it another life. It’s also a tasteful way to still show your love for a band, TV show or movie whilst being useful too. Who doesn’t love a comfy cosy gift at Christmas right?!

I’ve loved creating this budget gift guide from Blogmas and it definitely has helped with my gift buying this year. I hope it has inspired you if you’re on a budget this year for Christmas. Thank you taking the time to stop by and read my fourth blogmas post.

Make sure you come back tomorrow for day five of blogmas…can’t believe how fast it’s going already!

Until next time,

adoseofapril x

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