3/ Blogging On A Budget…

I think a common misconception of blogging is that Bloggers need to have a lot of money to create quality content. I definitely don’t feel like this is the case at all though. I’ve been writing for my blog for a good few years now and have never really had a lot of money to go into it but I don’t feel like my content has suffered. If anything I have become more savy with my money and how I’ve invested it into my blog. I’m by no way saying that my blog is anything to go by as I’m definitely not as good as some bloggers but I feel like I’ve got a good grasp on it.

For any aspiring bloggers wanting to make their mark in a small corner of the internet then blogging on a budget is definitely doable!  Whether that’s from where you decide to host your blog, how you promote or create content for posts.

For day three of Blogmas I thought I’d go through how I blog on a very tight budget or no budget at all.

I’ve been lucky enough to afford a decent DSLR camera in the past few years but find myself creating a lot of my flatlays and blog photos using my iPhone. It’s something I more than likely always have on me and takes pretty decent photos perfect for my Instagram and blog. All my photos from New York were taken on my phone. So when it comes to equipment, spending more money doesn’t mean better quality content. At the end of the day, ti’s what you make of it that counts.

Most blog platforms are free to use unless you want to customise your blog a lot more. For me I’ve always used a premade theme for my blog and customised it the best I can to make it my own but you can put a bit of money towards fully customised themes or go as far as creating your own completely. In the next few years I would like to invest some money into creating my own website for my blog but for now, I’m quite happy with how my blog looks. WordPress for me offers the best service and is super easy to use and get your head around.

Flatlays are perfect for ascetically pleasing content on your social media platforms and blogs but they don’t need to cost an arm and a leg to produce. Use what you have around the house or invest a little bit of money in buying some key props like fake flowers, fairy lights and backgrounds. Natural light will always be your best friend too so you don’t need to invest in any fancy studio lights. I find taking pictures near a window mid morning results in the best looking flatlays.

When it comes to actually writing your content, don’t create something that is going to cost a lot to produce or actually fit it around something you’re already doing. If you’re going on holiday, write a blog post about..you’re favourite places you visited, what you did or a photo diary. I also find DIY posts go down really well as not only are they fun to create and cheap but a lot of people are interested in this kind of content too…everyone is wanting to create something themselves and for cheap! Your content doesn’t have to include elaborate elements to it, a lot of people enjoy reading about normal stuff. I for one find it a lot more interesting than reading about someone going on a spending spree and looking at things I know I’m never going to afford.

The final bit of advice I’d say it to…be creative. You’v got this platform avalibale to you to express yourself in whatever way you want. You can be creative even more so on a budget when it comes to what materials you’re using or what content you’re creating. A little goes a long way and hopefully you’ll end up seeing the results.

Those were my tips and ways I manage to blog on a budget. Day three of blogmas and I’m already serving you up with some hopefully helpful tips.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my third blogmas post. I hope to see you tomorrow at 6pm for the next one…

Until next time,

adoseofapril x

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