What I’m Listening To…

It’s no secret that I spend half of my day listening to music and well I like it that way. It’s like I’m providing a soundtrack for my life for me. I’ve always turned to music no matter how I’m feeling, it’s like its my best friend or older sibling you know won’t ever leave you and be by your side no matter what. I’ve always listened to music knowing the power that it holds, the power to make you feel emotions and feel connected to an artist even if you’ve never met them. It’s such a personal art form that really can’t be beaten.

Seen as I spend so much of my time listening to music I find myself listening to quite a lot and I’m always listening to the same stuff on repeat or finding new stuff.

I’ve always loved sharing what I listen to with family, friends and on my blog so I thought I’d go back to basics and tell you what I’ve been listening to lately.



Yes, me along with the majority of the world have probably been listening to one of the greatest if not greatest bands after seeing the new biopic Bohemian Rhapsody. I’ve always been a fan of Queen and I thank my Nan for that…from a young age I was exposed to the musical blessings of Queen. Having seen the film recently I gained this deeper understanding of the band and the meanings behind some of their greatest hits. I was full of emotions when I got out of the cinema, happiness, sadness and an overall feeling of pride. Queen for me stand for what music was and still is. Their LiveAid performance truly showcases the power of music and how truly moving live music can be. I haven’t stopped listening to Queen since I saw the film when it first came out. But other than the known hits I’ve been exploring their discography a bit more and delving deeper. I’ve truly enjoyed listening to Queen again but with a whole different perspective and respect for who they were as a band.

  • Songs I’ve been listening to in particular;

Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy, Love Of My Life

Shawn Mendes


I think there’s always been stigma around liking popular pop artists or music in the charts, well certainly from my point of view but I decided to not to care. Listen to whatever you like or want to. When a song comes on and you can’t get it out of your head and you enjoy…why lie about it? I’ve been a fan of Shawn Mendes music ever since I heard Stitches on the radio, probably about a year or 2 ago. What I like about Shawn Mendes and his music is that it’s honest and you can tell the passion that comes through the lyrics and in particular his live performances. Yes he probably is classed as pop and appeals to the younger and wider audiences but I feel like I can connect with his music at my age so much more than the younger audiences. He’s not trying or pretending to be something he isn’t. I have a few key artists that have helped me through hard times in my life and I found Shawn Mendes at a time where I needed a music pick me and his music has helped me so much. I can literally put all his albums on shuffle and get taken away from normal life, I think when music can do that to you it really shows the power of it.

  • Songs I’ve listening to in particular…

Strings, Lost In Japan, Bad Reputation

A Star Is Born Soundtrack


You know when you see a film and the soundtrack is just as amazing as the film itself…I’ve had this happen twice in the space of a year. The Greatest Showman did it and now The Star Is Born has done it for me again. As soon as I got out of the cinema I downloaded the soundtrack and couldn’t stop listening to it.  Can we always just mention who knew Bradley Cooper could sing and so well?! I love how this soundtrack is so raw and brings so much emotion with or without the aid of the film. I loved the whole genre of music throughout the film, especially from the artist Bradley Cooper betrayals, its raw, country and got that rough aspect to it. I don’t think we even need to say how utterly amazing Lady Gaga’s vocals are, flawless and emotional. For me I think this soundtrack would be fantastic as a stand alone album.

  • Songs I’ve been listening to in particular;

Shallow, Music To My Eyes, Black Eyes

The music I’ve mentioned in this post has made the past few weeks more bearable and really show the power of music for me.

Thank you for reading and I hope I’ve enlightened you about some music I’ve been listening to. I’ve always liked writing about music but at times have nervous to in fear of saying something wrong but for me you can’t say anything wrong when it’s your opinion about music you like.

Until next time,

adoseofapril x

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