Spoon World Buffet, Ipswich – Review


I’m a big food lover, there’s no denying it. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with food since I could remember but every now and again I do enjoy going out for a bite to eat. In fact I’d go as far to say it’s one of my favourite past times…definitely have spent way too much money on food at some points in my life. I’m pretty fortunate that in my local town and surrounding areas that there’s a large range of places to eat from pubs to restaurants to cafes and everything in between.

Recently a new restaurant has open in Ipswich that has created a talking point for everyone. I do find it funny when something new opens or happens in my town because news can travel fast in a small town and you can bet that you’ll end up in a conversation about it with someone you know daily. The restaurant is at the end of the town that I don’t often visit…and to be honest it’s in the part of town that not many people venture into. So if anything I think opening this buffet has enticed me to go further afield when eating out.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve never been a massive fan of buffets as a place for eating because I do find you get overwhelmed and just end up eating for the sake of it. As you guessed it, the new restaurant is a buffet and it’s called Spoon World Buffet & Bar. I visited the restaurant a few days and I wanted to give an all round review of what I thought about it and what my experience was like as a first timer.


I visited the restaurant on a Wednesday night so it was the cheaper price of the two evening menu prices. We paid £14.99 (Fri-Sat it is £15.99 for the evening) for full use of the buffet and then had to pay for our drinks separately once we were shown to our table. The drinks menu was the only thing on the table and was pretty standard, we all opted for the bottomless drinks, go with the buffet theme and go all out. What I think would have been nice was to also have a menu to act an overview of what dishes were on offer before heading to the main buffet area. This is something I think would have helped as I can something feel overwhelmed in situations like this so it’s nice to feel a bit prepared about what you want to get. It was a suitable busyness for a Wednesday night but not crammed like I have been told when it was first initially opened.


My first thoughts upon arriving in the front door to getting seated that you could definitely tell that this was still in the teething period of being open, I think it had only been open a week or two when we visited. The waiting staff were often huddled in groups or confused where to stand or get out of the way of customers and the front of house staff at the bar just didn’t seem to have much knowledge of customer service. We felt rushed and in the way at times. I will note that the waiting staff were on hand to clear any dirty plates away quickly and swiftly to ensure that we were ready for our next serving of food.

With our stomachs rumbling, we headed over to the main buffet area that had a few different sections depending on the countries the dishes derive from. I’d been told that the buffet has over 100 different dishes so was confident I’d find a few things I liked. What I noticed the most that the Indian food section was definitely the biggest but certainly wasn’t the busiest, I don’t think I saw one person looking at the many dishes on offer. Not being a big lover of spices and hot food I avoided it all together.


There was as mentioned an Indian section, Chinese food, elements of a roast dinner, pasta dishes, fast food options such an chicken nuggets and chips, sushi, pizza and so much more. Your head at times goes into overload into thinking what could you possibly have. I went round the whole section before deciding on my first plate full of food and found that a lot of the dishes that were on offer I just didn’t fancy…maybe that’s me being fussy or not…take it as you will.

In total I went back for three separate servings and tried something different every time because that’s the whole point of a buffet right?! Now that being said, it’s a buffet so you’re not going to get amazing outstanding food but it’s tasty and worthy of going back from many servings. I was actually really impressed with the large selection of dishes they actually had. I feel like you really have a round the world experience of food. I tried more of the Chinese dishes than anything including the noodles and lemon chicken. It’s the only place that you can find it acceptable to put Chinese noodles and mac n cheese on the same plate which is something my boyfriend did. You can definitely tell that the food is batched cooked but isn’t that the same with Chinese takeaway etc? I also found that the food wasn’t actually sitting around in the serving trays for that long due to the amount of times people went back up for more servings which meant that the food was always kept fresh and replaced when run out.


The desserts for the buffet were included in the price and you could also go back as many times as you want so make sure you leave some space for dessert. As you might suspect it was a much smaller section but there was plenty of variety none the less. There was two chocolate fountains (sadly the milk chocolate one wasn’t working when we went) with a bowl of marshmallows ready to be covered, 4 tubs of ice cream, apple crumble and slices of different sweet delights like coconut slices and strawberry cheesecake. There also was fresh fruit, jelly and much more. Something I didn’t get to try due to my stomach not being able to fit anymore food in it was a crepe section where a chef made as many crepes as you wanted…something I think it’s worth going back for alone. If you learn anything about my love for food from this post, it’s that I can’t resist a crepe so I must have been pretty full to the brim. The one thing I found with the dessert section was that people weren’t very clean when using the ice cream scooper and the ice cream soon melted which meant that you are eating creamy mush.

To finish off this kind of review, I would say Spoon is definitely a worthy addition to the local eating carter. It offers not only food but an experience for anyone that has a love of food. But don’t go there expecting Michelin star food because that’s not what you get because what you get is the chance to try many different dishes at the tips of your fingers whilst being in the same setting of a restaurant. I’d say it was good value if you were to go back for a good amount of servings as I did. I think it still has some way to go to find it’s feet and get settled but I hope to see it stay and enjoy success as it’s something that we in Ipswich and surrounding areas haven’t experienced fully before.

Again I know this is something different from me but as I love food so much and do enjoy trying different places to eat out, I thought why not share it on my blog. If you’re from Ipswich or Suffolk and have visited Spoon, please let me know what you think. Are you planning on going if you haven’t already? Has anyone else been to a world buffet and enjoyed? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to have a little chat.

Thanks for reading and stopping by my blog. I hope to see you again.

Until next time,

adoseofapril x

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