Halloween Baking

I’m not going to lie, apart from Christmas, Halloween is definitely my favourite holiday to celebrate. I’ve never been one for going out in my adult life, as quite frankly I much prefer being in a warm house in my PJ’s than in a bar or club dressed up. The last time I went out for Halloween was trick or tricking when I was like 11, so yeah I don’t get out much anymore ha ha. Though I do still celebrate Halloween, and as always with me I go far too over the top and extra.

A few years back me and my boyfriend spent the whole day baking, dressing up, playing games, carving pumpkins and watching films. It was by far the most fun I’ve had at Halloween and what made it even better is I could remember it all instead of going out clubbing.


I’ve always been interested in more of the darker things like skulls, death and gory things so Halloween is the perfect holiday for me. I’ve got a ram’s skull tattooed on my arm as well as a skeleton hand. So yeah I’m definitely more on the darker side of life! I’ve always been fascinated with collecting skulls.

So for today’s post I thought I’d combine two of my favourite things, Halloween and baking. I’m delving into different blog territory with this post like my previous one but I like to push myself and see what my brain creates…that definitely didn’t sound as weird as it did in my head. I spent an afternoon recently baking some Halloween sweet treats and thought I’d share what I used and what they ended up turning out like.



I hope this blog post will show that baking for any holiday or occasion is accessible to anyone and you can have so much fun with it. It can be so easy and simple too plus it really doesn’t have to cost a lot at all…I spent under £5 on this baking session.

I know several people that don’t think using packet mixes is proper baking but honestly I think they’re great and they make it easier for people to bake that normally wouldn’t. You get all you need in one packet for one price rather than buying lots of components. Yes it can be classed as basic but you’re creating the mixture yourself and baking it yourself…rather than buying some cakes instead.

During my afternoon of baking I made skeleton gingerbread men and tombstone grave cupcakes. Both didn’t take long to mix, bake or decorate so you can easily do them with a spare half an hour to an hour to spare. Also baked to the soundtrack of Queen which made it even more enjoyable.

AMCC2130UFMZE4797I got both of my packet mixtures from Tesco. For the skeleton gingerbread I just used a normal gingerbread mixture and added a bit more ginger & golden syrup to enhance the taste. For the tombstone grave cupcakes I used a kit that Tesco were selling alongside some other sweet treats but you pretty much need any cake mix, cupcake cases, chocolate icing and white chocolate to recreate them.

The decorating of these sweet treats was by far the most exciting and fun bit of the afternoon. You can really go to town with them but I wanted to stick to the design on the packet for the cupcakes and play it quite simple with the gingerbread as I think it looks very effective with just the white icing.

I’m actually really chuffed with how they came out in the end. They definitely don’t look too spooky to eat so you best believe they went quickly ha ha.



If anyone is also interested a lot of things I used in my photos for this blog post are from Tiger and Poundland. They cost between £1-£3 in total. These items still look really cool and you don’t always need to spend loads to get the best results.

I hope you enjoyed this quick and fun blog post from me on Halloween. It was so fun to create and bake. Doing something different is always a risk but I think this paid off.


Thank you so much for reading. Happy Halloween and have a spooky & creepy day!

Until next time,

adoseofapril x

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