Autumn Everyday Make Up

Now I’m going to start this blog post out with a disclaimer…I’ve never really delved into make up content before on here, mainly because I don’t really have much knowledge to share on it and therefore I’m a bit nervous…not that many people read this anyway. So you can probably guess after reading that statement that I’m not a make up artist so please bare with me on this blog post. I just really wanted to share the make up I’ve been using every day lately.

Overall my make up is pretty natural and neutral…if it’s easy to do, I’m doing it ha ha. I do read and watch a lot of content on YouTube so my knowledge of products that are good to use etc is probably better than my actual knowledge of how to best apply it.


For today’s post I thought I’d go through my every day make up that I use when I make the effort on certain days. Some of the products I use now are new to me and things I’ve quickly grown to love so if I don’t speak about them as much as others that’s why.

For Autumn make up I like to take inspiration from the colours that are around, especially from the leaves…Autumn is by far my favourite season. I just love how everything looks and that fresh crisp air after a hot summer. So I like to think my make up look for everyday represents that but who knows… The browns, the yellows and oranges just look so rich and warm. I like to think now having brunette hair that it actually compliments my hair now.

I’m going to take you through what products I use from base to eyes to cheeks. I hope this is somewhat enjoyable or insightful… All products I talk about will be linked if you so wish to look into them further.

  • Base –


Before I even think about putting my foundation on, I prime/moisturizer my face using Smashbox Photo Finish Primerizer. I love this and couldn’t sing it’s praises enough to be honest. You don’t know the benefits of using a primer until you actually use it and see the difference in your foundation and the way it looks/lasts. I love how this is double product too so it’s great for travel but also great if you don’t want a really heavy moisturizer on your face but still want some moisture. I got mine for a reduced price in an outlet centre near me so do keep an eye out as it’s quite pricey but worth the money for sure. I have’t used half of mine yet and I use about 2-3 pumps each time.

For foundation I use something I picked up in New York as it was a little cheaper and easy to get hold of than the UK. I use the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation in shade 150. I’ve always spent more money on foundations as I think it’s worth investing in a good base for the rest of your make up to go on top of. I’ve tried quite a few different higher end foundations so if you are interested in knowing my opinion, I might do a blog post in the near future about my top picks or opinions on ones I have tried. I’m so glad I picked this Fenty foundation up though as it’s quickly become a firm favourite of mine. I’m still shook every time I wear about how long it lasts and how well it lasts. Literally it will leave you face looking even more flawless. The only thing with it, is it does dry and set very fast so you do have to blend quite quickly. I use a slightly damp beauty blender to blend mine over my face and finds it leaves a really nice layer and finish.

Concealer is something I only really use under my eyes and if I have any spots that my foundation hasn’t covered completely. Recently I’ve been needing to use one under my eyes which is the Rimmel Wake Me Up anti fatigue skin brightening concealer and I use shade 010 Ivory. A lot of people use it and for good reason. It does what it says on the tube and does it well. I do like to mix up my concealers quite regularly as I’m always on the hunt for a new one and it’s something I probably the most of when it comes to make up for some odd reason…

I don’t normally set my face until I’ve done everything except my mascara but seen as it’s included in base products, I’ll talk about it in this section. The setting powder I use and have used for the past few years is the Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Power in 001 Transparent. It’s good but I’m sure there’s other better setting powers out there that I just haven’t had the effort to try any out.

  • Cheeks


I don’t even attempt to do contouring, I don’t have the tools or knowledge or even confidence to do it so I just don’t go near it. So for my cheeks I just dust them with bronzer, blusher and a bit of highlighter (a lot who am I kidding?!). For Bronzer I like to mix up again but at the moment I’ve been using the Benefit Hoola Bronzer that I got as a sample in a beauty box which is a really good way of testing if you like a product without committing to buying the full product.

Blusher again I normally switch up when I feel like a change but currently I’m using the Sleek Make Up blusher by 3 palette in pink lemonade 369. I tend to use all shades every time, variety is the spice of life and all. I like the pigment of these blushers and they are powder which I’m more of a fan of than cream blushers.

My highlighter game stepped up in New York when I picked up Anastasia Beverley Hills Glow Kit Sugar palette. I only really explored highlighters last year so it’s still quite new and novel to me. I just love adding a bit of colour and light to my cheeks, I just think it finishes a look off. I’ve dabbled in liquid highlighters before but find that too much product gets used and it just ends up looking a mess. The pigment in this palette is insane though and I love using shade Gumdrop and Butterstoch the most at the moment. It works really well during the Autumn months as there’s a bit of a richer colour to them.

  • Eyes


Now there’s obviously two sections to eyes and first I’m going to tackle is eyebrows. This is probably my favourite thing to do concerning my make up…I weirdly enjoy it! For as long as I could remember, I’ve always used a pencil to draw/fill my eyebrows in but recently I decided to explore using a shadow and angled brush instead. Not wanting to break the bank, I went for a Collection Eye Brow kit in blonde and I use the middle shade in the palette which I find works best with my eyebrows. I also use the clear brow gel that comes with it, which is okay but not the best…not a massive fan of the actual brush. I’m still a massive lover of the Glossier Boy Brow which I also get in clear. But for a few pounds you really can’t go wrong with the Collection Brow palette, the brush is also really good.

For eye shadow I’ve been using a combination of two things that I really like the mix of. I feel like this is where the Autumnal vibes come into my make-up. I’ve been using Mac’s single shadow in Arena satin which I’m not sure they even do now but I just love the shade as an all over lid colour. I’ve also been using my newest addition that I’m so excited to have my hands on which is the Too Faced Gingerbread Spice eye shadow palette that smells amazing. It has such a great range of high pigment colours that are perfect for Autumn and Winter months. I will definitetly be getting a lot of use out of this palette. This is the first time I’ve purchased and used a Too Faced palette so it was a special moment to get it and I was so shook when I came to use it the first time. The Glitter shades are insane…you must go and swatch them if you get a chance. I like using Gingerbread Latte over the top of the Mac shadow just lightly on my lid to add a bit of depth to my eyes.

Lastly is the mascara and for this, it’s again something I got my hands on in New York and I think it worked out a bit cheaper again. The first shop I went in to get this was actually sold out but good old Sephora didn’t disappoint in the end. I am of course talking about the Nars Climax mascara that I’m obsessed with already. I’ve never used a mascara like it. I bloody love the packaging, it’s so bold and eye catching and it’s also really easy to hold to apply the actual mascara. I think this mascara is definitely worth the hype it has received and the formulation of it is brilliant, no flaking or anything.

And we’ve received the end of this post and a full face of my everyday Autumn make up. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and find it somewhat entertaining and helpful.

I really actually enjoyed writing this sort of content for a change, turns out I know a bit more about make up then I first thought…my bad.

Be sure to check back soon for another post from me, I’m trying to post more regularly so please support and help me out. Really loved getting back into blogging and writing again as it’s a real passion of mine.

Until next time,

adoseofapril x

I’m not just a typer on this blog, follow me on my other social platforms…


2 thoughts on “Autumn Everyday Make Up”

  1. So much great info – you really covered a lot of things! I just started using primer and I agree it makes a huge difference to how the make looks and lasts. Great post – now for the first time ever someone has inspired me to think about my make up in terms of seasons – I just tend to do the same old thing the whole year round.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. Means a lot. I’m glad to hear I’ve inspired you, just adds something different and fun to a normal routine. Yes a primer is like the holy grail product is my routine now!


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