Taking time for myself…

In a change of events, I recently became unemployed last month. As much as this sucks from a money and living perspective. It definitely has taken a toll on my mental health, the stress of it happening it etc. Bur having the extra time to myself has been amazing and has given me time to focus on my mental health and overall feelings.

For the past year I was in a full time, secure and permanent job with a steady income and for the most part enjoying life. Yes I had my down days just like any of us but it was far off from how I was the year before. This job enabled me to pay for a holiday of a lifetime to New York and treat myself to my first designer bag purchase. So life was pretty good to a certain extent.


I’ve been unemployed for just over a month now and whilst I’ve been frantically looking for jobs, the spare time not being filled up with a full time job has given me time to focus on myself which I was definitely lacking the past year and I think that showed over time. But it has also given me time to focus on different things I was neglecting that I actually got enjoyment from, like this blog, doing crafts and taking photos/going on photo missions.

The eagle eye ones of you might have noticed that I’ve been posting a bit more regularly on my blog, posting more exciting content on Instagram and doing more creative things in general. I’ve loved it so much and I hope I can keep it up, even when I do get another job.

But don’t get me wrong, I miss having a job…the routine of going to work everyday and interacting with different people. The thought of earning my own money and saving for dream holidays etc. Being unemployed for a month has shown me that I definitely can’t do it for much longer, I definitely get cabin fever for sure. So I need to find the balance of holding a job down and fulfilling my life by doing stuff I want and enjoy doing.

With this sudden extra time to myself I have managed to keep myself busy and active doing stuff in between applying for jobs and normal day to day things.


I cleared out my make-up and skincare stash and transferred it into a snazzy Ikea Alex drawer which I’m over the moon with. So much storage and room to buy more stuff when I eventually get more money… Maybe I’ll do a blog post soon on it…a realistic look at an average girls make-up/skincare stash. I decoupage a stag head which I thoroughly enjoyed doing and surprisingly took a lot longer than I thought, it was so therapeutic too! I’ve also started my New York scrap book which is definitely going to be a work in progress. Of course, I started creating more content for this blog and my Instagram which is something I’ve enjoyed the most. Nothing beats the buzz of writing a blog post you’ve really enjoyed yourself, taking photos for it and then publishing it. Nothing beats going on a photo mission and eagerly awaiting what photos have turned out the best that you can’t wait to post on Instagram.

The most important thing that this extra time has given me though is the ability to focus on myself which is what this blog post is mainly about. What I mean about focusing on myself is kind of going back to square one and re figuring out who you are as a person and what makes you up to be who you are. Yes that got very deep right there…you don’t normally come here for that type of content. But that’s the thing, my blog is called adoseofapril so I want to give you that realistic, raw and honest dose of me, April. I gather that if you’re reading this then you’re probably slightly interested in me haha…gosh that sounds weird to say.

What I’ve been doing to focus on myself, has ranged and grown as the weeks have gone on. I’ve been taken a bit longer in the morning to get ready, whether that means staying a little longer in bed and watching a few more YouTube videos (loving the Shane Dawson/Jake Paul Docuseries…amazing!) or spending a bit longer on my make-up. Little things like that have actually really helped. What I’ve also found is that I’ve been taking a bit more care in what I wear now, and also making the most of what I already have in my wardrobe which has helped my bank balance no end too which is a bonus being unemployed haha! I still do reach for a slogan t-shirt and jeans everyone in a while but I have a wardrobe full of wonderful clothes that I just haven’t worn since putting weight on, but now I’m losing it…I can start wearing them again.


Another major thing that I’ve been doing to focus on myself is also going to the gym and trying to eat a bit healthier. I know, I know…it’s super cliche but it really does help. I have to admit I’ve been slacking recently but hey I think I can cut myself some slack with a knee injury and life recently. It makes such a difference though, even going for a half an hour for a few days a week. I not only see a physical difference but also recognise a mental difference. I love popping my airpods in, turning the volume up on Shawn Mendes most of the time and immersing myself in a workout. The eating side of things is always going to be a work in progress as it’s something I’ve always struggled with…especially junk food but every step in the right direction is good.

I’ve also taken time to just enjoy things I like. Whether that’s listening to every Shawn Mendes album on repeat for a morning or watching a film I’ve watched a hundred times. Do you and make yourself happy. Don’t do anything to please other people. I posted on Instagram stories a few weeks ago about finally coming to the conclusion that I couldn’t care less if people laugh at me for my music taste or fashion sense. Because it’s me and I’m going to rock being apologetically me and not be one bit fake about it. Get the tattoo you want because you want it, listen to that album for a millionth time and buy that jumper because it looks cute and then rock it with all the confidence in the world. DO YOU and BE YOU!


I guess the one thing I’d want you to take from this blog post is that self care and focusing on yourself is so important and please don’t ever underestimate the power of it. I truly feel like I’ve become even within a month a better version of myself. I’m happy for the most part…give or take the occasional break down about being unemployed etc…

Well this blog post definitely took a turn…this is how they turn out when I don’t really have structure or fixed idea of what I want to talk about. I like it though and kind of harps back to what the post is about.


I hope you enjoyed reading this more personal post from me, maybe they’ll be a few more in the future, who knows?! I found it helped in my quest of focusing on myself actually.

*Photos taken on Canon 1300d at Felixstowe Ferry, Suffolk.

Until next time,

adoseofapril …truly this time x

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