Reaching for the stars – Cosmos Zoella Beauty

Zoella Beauty have unveiled their latest offering of beauty products in the way of their new Christmas gifting range exclusive to Superdrug called ‘Cosmos’.

Being rolled out in to selected shops as of now you can start your christmas shopping mega early or have a treat yourself moment by buying the new beauty range ‘Cosmos’ which seeks inspiration from up above in the galaxy.

I picked up a few items from the range and thought I would type my first initial thoughts for your reading pleasure.

When information about the new range starting appearing online, I was excited as always to see what beauty treats Zoe Sugg had created this time. I’ve always been impressed with the level of detail, thought and creativity that Zoe puts into all her ranges.

The one thing that stood out to me at first was the lack of visual festivity…considering this is meant to be a Christmas gifting range, I was surprised to see a galaxy theme rather than Christmas trees and reindeer’s. This might end up being a risky or smart move, I guess only time will tell. Despite the lack of Christmas on the branding and packing, I’m still a massive fan of it. I love the use of the colours, in particular the baby pink and deep navy blue. There’s something elegant about it but then the silver ascents set it off quite nicely. It’s definitely giving the whole galaxy cosmic vibes.


I think it is obvious to see that now Zoe is older, the ranges she brings out reflect that but in a way that it can still relate and be suitable for her mostly younger audiences.

A lot of the items in the range are reoccurring from previous ranges, for example the hand creams, mini body mists and bubble baths. It seems like they have stuck with items that do well and obvious customer favourites.

I picked up 2 items from the range, items I knew I would use and get a general feeling about the range from. The Cosmos Body Mist and Mini Supernova Bathing Collection. Both of these items I have used before from previous ranges so was interested to see if any changes have been made to the formulation.

The Cosmos Body Mist is 100ml bottle which is the same as last year with the Snowella range. I think it is smart introducing the bigger size of the ranges scent into the Christmas selections as at the price of £12 compared to the 45ml at £8 from her yearly ranges it not only shows that a good deal is to be had but the limited range is also worth spending that bit more on. The addition of the Body Mist is something that Zoella Beauty has carried throughout all the ranges that they have released since the start, it’s become somewhat of a staple to the ranges. It’s the perfect way to find out what the range smells like as a whole but also is the perfect gift to receive. The packaging for me is the stand out part of this product. The theme of galaxy and cosmic has been carried out so well and in a way that isn’t tacky and over done. It’s definitely a bottle to be displayed among other fragrances and would take pride of place.


Now to get onto what you’ve all been wanting to know…the actual scent and smell of the range. Clear notes to be smelt are those of peppermint and vanilla but the description on Superdrug also mentions notes of red berries. The mix of mint and vanilla makes quite a unique scent that I haven’t really experience anywhere else. It’s definitely a whiff in a different directions for Zoella Beauty that quite often lean to the sweeter side of scents. This is a fresh and welcomed change in terms of my nose. I’m already a massive lover of this scent but again it’s not very festive. This range would be perfect for someone that isn’t a massive fan about Christmas but is slightly odd to say given the obvious love of Christmas Zoe herself has.

The Mini Supernova Bathing Collection was the other item I picked up from the range and was instantly something that I gravitated to (pardon the pun, I couldn’t leave it…). Anything in miniature form and I’m sold but this is particular quite good as I’m going on holiday in a few days. This set of two items would be perfect for a tree present or secret Santa at only £5.50 for the set, it won’t be breaking the bank anytime soon. The two items are a foaming body wash 40ml and lightly whipped body cream 40ml. As with the rest of the range, the scent is carried throughout these two products.


The foaming body wash is the perfect size for an overnight winter escape stay or as I mentioned a holiday mini. The formulation is perfect and does exactly what it says on the tin…foams up and washes your body. I’m really quite pleased with this item on it’s own and hope to see it released in a bigger form. Again I love the colours used for the packaging, the combination of grey, silver and baby pink make the item look luxurious but without the big price tags.


The lightly whipped body cream is a great consistency especially for someone as lazy as me when it comes to moisturising my body. A little goes a long way which is good with the mini size. It’s sinks into the skin quite quick and nicely leaving your body soft and smelling amazing. The packaging is simple yet effective. The use of silver shinny foil lends itself to the ranges themes and fits in perfectly.


From the three items I’ve tried and tested from the Cosmos Zoella Beauty range, I can quite happy say I’m impressed and would definitely recommend checking them out soon and starting your Christmas shopping a tad early this year…you won’t regret it.

The packaging and scent of the overall range really lends itself well to the creativity and progression Zoe Sugg has developed from each range.

The new Zoella Beauty Christmas gifting range is available to buy from the Superdrug website now and is being rolled out in shops now.

Thank you for reading…

Until next time,

adoseofapril x

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