How I’m planning New York…

Hello, hi and long time no type…

I’m not going to bore you with the normal “I’ve missed blogging and sorry for not posting” chat because let’s be honest, you’ve heard it plenty of times from me now but hey I’m here and blogging so that counts for something!

If any of you have been following me on Twitter, you might be aware that I’m going to New York in September…oh yes I’m so bloody excited! This will be my first time in America and I thought what better place to start that the city that doesn’t sleep…the big apple!


I’m back blogging because I thought it would make a good post about how I’m planning my trip to New York. You know a first timers perspective, share some tips I’ve picked up on the way. So if you’re planning on going to New York anytime soon like me, I hope this blog post comes in handy for you.

I’ve actually really loved researching and planning this holiday so far, maybe that’s my events management degree coming out…hey at least I’m putting those 3 years to good use at last!

Right, let’s get into these tips and tricks…

  1. Narrow down the time of year you want to go, this will honestly make your life so much easier when planning things. I’m choosing to go in September because most schools have gone back so it’s not peak holiday time so I managed to get myself a cheaper deal. I also choose September because of the weather, I love me some sun but I can’t be dealing with sightseeing in sweltering temperatures in a city.  The average temperature in September in New York is around 20-25 degrees which I’m completely cool with (get it…I couldn’t resist that pun).
  2. Expedia is your best friend. Yes I checked ALL the travel agents before looking at Expedia, because you never know but ultimately you get free reign on Expedia. I’ve previously booked my holiday for Paris for Expedia and got the best deal with British Airways and the nicest hotel too. I can not recommend Expedia enough to book a holiday through. You can search so many hotels and flights to ensure you get the ones that fit your criteria and wishes the best! Browsing the feedback from other Expedia users will honestly make your decision so much easier when picking where to stay. Word of mouth is the best kind of thing you can use to your advantage.
  3. Get yourself a guide book. Yes you’ll be the ultimate tourist but they’re made for a reason! Full to the brim on tips, places to go and normally handy map, this will soon be your best friend…especially when searching for certain places to want to visit within the city. I’m a big fan on the Lonely Planets Pocket Guides, they’re pocket side, handy and are so easy to use.
  4. Google! I know I sound a bit cliche saying “Google it!” but literally typing in New York will unearth some amazing finds from blogs to articles to top 10 lists to Instagram accounts. I’ve found some great recommendations of places to go, tips and tricks just through Googling.
  5. Social media. Do I need to say anymore?! I’m a big fan of Instagram in particular.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t go out some times and try to find a good shot for Instagram. But use that to your advantage, people will often take the bets view of a place in particular New York and upload it onto Instagram. This makes it really easy to spot and hunt out some cool places to visit that you might not of before. I love using the save feature on Instagram and have even set up a New York folder full of places I’d like to visit just from people’s posts. Lurking through Instagram can get addicted especially when it comes to holiday planning.
  6. Make lists. I like to make lists in general, it’s a way to focus your mind and kind of dump your brain on paper or in your phone’s notes section. I’ve been writing places down that I really want to see when I’m in New York which makes it easier when coming to working out what the hell you’re going to do each day.
  7. Try and save money where you can. Going on holiday can be expensive full stop. So I’m always on the hunt for ways I can save money. When doing my Googling, I can across the “New York City Pass” which enables you to pay one fixed price in order to visit some of the top attractions in New York, including Top of the Rock and the 9/11 Memorial. I’ve worked out the sums of how much you’d end up saving and it’s honestly a no brainier. Another way to save money is getting a shuttle from the airport rather than a taxi…yes it won’t be as cliche or like the movies but you’ll end up saving yourself a few dollars.

So those were my top tips and tricks that I’ve been using so far for planning my trip to New York. I hope I’ve shared some helpful information for you all. It’s been so much fun writing this blog post and it’s getting me even more excited for New York…if that’s even possible?! The countdown is well and truly on…


Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for a few blog posts from New York in the coming months and also a few more general ones from me as I’m getting back into blogging or at least trying my best too whilst still holding down a full time job and juggling life!

Thank you for reading…

Until next time,

adoseofapril x

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2 thoughts on “How I’m planning New York…”

  1. Great post! I will have to remember some of these when I start planning my trip for next year! I think Expedia can be a good resource, but from my industry experience, a lot of things can go wrong. I always recommend checking out good deals and prices on Expedia- its really good for hotel comparisons if you aren’t familiar with the area you are going to. But its always worth calling that hotel directly to see if they can match or even beat that price. It can easily save you more $$!

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  2. Thank you so much for your comment. Be sure to check out my post about my actual holiday in New York, it’s up now. Pretty much everything went to plan, didn’t have a problem with Expedia. Thanks for the tip, I’ll keep it in mind for my next trip.


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