No matter how you pronounce it, it’s safe to say Glossier has taken the world by storm. From it’s humble beginnings in New York to slowly growing worldwide, the make-up/skincare brand has managed to get everyone including your next door neighbors dog about it. Though it appears that some people still haven’t come across the brand…maybe from the lack of the time spent online or not feeling the need to be on look out for the next new thing in beauty. However, fear not after reading this blog post you’ll know all you need to know about Glossier (well in my opinion) to wow your peers, friends, families and pets…even the neighbors dog!


It’s safe to say I have brought my fair share of items from Glossier since launching shipping to the UK late last year. I’m not one for buying into many beauty hypes especially but given the sheer amount of traction Glossier got online, I thought I’d cave in on this occasion and give it a go. After all it isn’t the most expensive beauty brand but it also isn’t the cheapest.

For today’s post I thought I’d go through my top few items from Glossier. Tried and tested for a good few months so I think I’ve developed a pretty good opinion on them by now. If you are going to try any products from Glossier after reading this post, it most probably should be the ones I’m about to mention…in my opinion!

Milky Jelly Cleanser


This is the holy grail product from Glossier and probably the one you’ve heard out of anything. The smooth jelly like texture with the subtle rose scent ensures your perfect make-up is wiped away at the end of the day leaving you with perfectly clean and soft skin. Whilst it’s not the best cleanser I’ve tried, it does do the job and quite well might I add. At £15 a bottle, it’s comes in between high end cleansers and high street ones so it’s not breaking the bank pricing. If you’re only now getting into using cleansers, I’d highly recommend trying this out, it’s such a simple product to add into your daily routine.

Glossier ‘You’


It was the brands venture into the world of scents and trust me it does not disappoint. The perfume is said to smell different on each person and therefore represent ‘you’…which is where the name comes from. It’s a subtle yet strong smell that is the type you’d catch a whiff of as someone walks past. It’s not overpowering but it’s not weak enough that it doesn’t make an impression. The smell is something I can only describe as floral yet earthy with a hint of musk. At £45 it isn’t the cheapest perfume on the market but I have to say it is worth the money for me, given that you don’t need to spray much you’ll be having this bottle for a while. If you aren’t wanting to take the risk and buy it straight away, if you buy any other Glossier product, you have the option of picking a free sample of the Glossier ‘You’ with your order…something I tend to throw in my handbag to top up on the go.

Boy Brow


The only brow products I tended to use on a daily basis was my go to Max-Factor eyebrow pencil in Hazel and way back in the day a clear brow gel. Then I came across Boy Brow which is another holy grail product of Glossiers. It’s the perfect eyebrow finishing product or stand alone product however you care to use it. It doesn’t come in many shades though, that’s the only downside but those shades I feel are workable for most people. It actually lasts for quite a while too so you’re getting your moneys worth which is always a good thing!

Other notable products worth checking out also include; stretch concealer, priming moisturizer, solution and Haloscope (my favourite is Topaz).

If those products were enough to tempt you onto the Glossier website and get shopping…the thought of bubble wrap zippy bags that you can reuse for a whole range of things and a sheet of stickers should get you excited and tapping the Glossier website in…right now….

So those were the few products from New York brand Glossier that I thought were worth mentioning. I hope you enjoyed this post, it’s a little different to my last few but hey every now and again…a girl has to talk about beauty.

Thank you for reading…

Until next time,

adoseofapril x

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