An outfit for your phone…

Phone cases.

Bit of a random thing to write a blog post about I admit but I had a itching to do a little post about my love for phone cases and where I get them.

Ever since I got my first phone way back in the day, I’ve loved customizing them. Whether that was with cases, stickers…you name it and I’ve probably used it on a past phone. When I had my iPhone 5 I even went as far as making my own phone cases just so I knew no one else would have the same one as me. If my memory serves me correctly, I think I did a blog post on how to make them. It wasn’t hard though, at all!

Fast forward a few years and my endless hunting in my lunch breaks at work, has made me what I like to call myself “a phone case connoisseur” if such a thing exists ha ha.

I can’t tell you the amount of phone cases I’ve gone through throughout the years as well as the amount of the phones to match.

I just love how you can get a case that makes your phone that bit more personal to you.

So for today’s post I thought I’d go through the places I like to shop for my phone cases. Right now I have an iPhone 7 plus which makes it pretty easier to find cases for…thank the lord.

Skinny Dip


It’s probably an obvious bet for phone cases but I feel like I can’t do this blog post without giving them a mention. If you’re looking for a phone case that has a funny caption or funky design than Skinny Dip is the place to go. I’ve purchased many phone cases from them over the years and it’s always handy having promo codes to take some money off. The price of their cases are reasonably but are a little more expensive than the norm, but I believe you pay for the quality you get and how long they last. Most phone cases come with a free screen protector too which is always a bonus.



Again I can’t really do a blog post on phone cases and not mention Ebay! It’s cheap, cheerful but not all that quick most of the time (you’ll understand if you buy anything coming from China). Simply typing in ‘iPhone 7 plus cases’ will bring up pages upon pages of cases for you to feast your eyes on and press buy on. There’s literally no end of designs, styles and patterns you get as a phone case. If I’m looking for a plainish or cheap phone case, I’ll always go to eBay! With prices normally starting from 99p you really can’t complain.  You do at times have to be careful with some cases you’re buying because I’ve received my fair share of misfitting cases or ones that simply aren’t what I ordered.



I’ve been lusting over cases from Casetify for a while and I finally caved in at Christmas by treating myself to a personalised case. If you’re in the market for a bit more of a pricey case than Casetify is the place for you. You will find pages of beautifully designed cases and ones that are just ready for you to personalise. You can find cases that are totally wow and in your face or more unstated ones that still have that wow factor to them. I’m really impressed with the one case I have from Casetify. It’s so protective and sturdy but the only downside is, it’s my brick of a phone even heavier…first world problems though ha…



I wanted to give a nod to good old Amazon in this post because I recently purchased a new phone case from them. I found the selection was quite similar to eBay just with slightly higher prices. Saying that though, the prime element of Amazon is a massive plus because it meant my case was with me the next day. I found the selection of cases from Amazon is a little more select and basic in some sense but that’s good in a sense. You know what you’re getting and for the price you pay for. It’s also a good place to buy proper branded phone cases too.

So that’s the end of my random little post about phone cases. I hope this proved intersting or at least helpful to some of you. I apolgise if I have now enabled you to go buy a phone case…but you can never have enough. Just think of them as outfits for your phone, you don’t wear the same outfit every day so why should your phone?!

I think I’m losing the plot so that’s my que to leave.

Thank you for reading.

Until next time,

adoseofapril x

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