Summer Wardrobe Revamp…

I’ve worked out it’s been 3 months since I last typed at my laptop keyboard for a blog post. Quite frankly I’ve missed it but I’ve been scared to get writing again because it’s been so long. I not only lost motivation but I lost myself in the past few months which made it harder to fire up my laptop and get typing for my blog.

But enough of that, explanation over…I’m back and with a post full of new clothes ready for the summer.

It would be an understatement if I were to say my wardrobe recently was lacking some summer injection. Over the past few months everytime I would go to grab something I wore last summer, I found myself not being able to fit into it or just not liking it. Which in the end left me feeling a bit crappy about myself and just sticking to the same few outfits.

That was until I got paid last week and decided to give myself a challenge of injecting some summer life into my wardrobe so I wasn’t always reaching for my jeans and cami or a t-shirt dress.

If like me you are lacking some summer clothes, I hope this blog post will prove helpful to your wardrobe needs but hopefully not break the bank for you. I indeed was on a budget and aimed to revamp my wardrobe for as little as £200 including tops, dresses, jumpsuits, trousers, skirts and shoes. Yep I really set myself a mission but one I believe I completed pretty well. If there’s one thing I can do well…it definitely is shopping ha ha.

Enough of rambling on, without further a do…this is my first of many blog posts back and well it’s something I do best.

For this blog post I’m going to split it into sections of clothing items. Just to make it easier for reading and typing because I think it’s going to end up being quite a hefty first blog post back…you’ll certainly be able to tell I’m making up for lost time.



Dresses are for sure one of the easiest things to wear in the summer. You have to put little thought into your outfit because it’s just one piece of fabric. No worrying about matching a top to your bottoms. And they’re much cooler for those few days of hot weather we get in the U.K. Most of the dresses I picked up for summer this year were from Primark, which is a shop that is normally hit and miss for me but there summer ranges are really impressive and half the price of some other shops.

I went for a few different styles that I know suit me and are versatile. I also went for a lot of patterns which I always think brighten up any outfit especially in the summer. From swing dresses, to pinafores to off the shoulder and t-shirts dresses. I believe my shopping trip has fully set me up for summer ready dresses. All shops that the dresses were brought from will be linked.

From left to right..

  • Denim blue pinafore – Topshop
  • Floral cream tea dress – Primark
  • Floral orange/red off the shoulder dress – Primark
  • Blue and white striped t-shirt dress – Joules
  • Black and white gingham swing dress – Primark
  • Blue and white light dress – Primark
  • Floral black swing dress – Primark


Well I’ve only got one to show you but trust me this has seen some wear in it already. It’s comfy, care/fuss free. It’s something you can chuck on for a day exploring or a night out on the town. I’ll shall definitely be investing in some more jumpsuits if any more catch my eye.

The jumpsuit I got is particularly flattering on me because of the tie around the waist and the culotte style bottoms. It just looks so effortless. I also love the pattern on it.


  • Striped black and white jumpsuit – Tesco’s



Tops are something I tended to go overboard in buying, because a girl can never have too many tops right?! Err, wrong…she definitely can when her drawers won’t close. Before I got to revamping my summer t-shirt collection, I decided to be out with the old and in with the new. Most went to charity shops and the others are on my Depop hoping to make money for my holiday to Paris next month. Anyways, I went in the shops in mind of a few styles of tops I wanted and ended up grabbing a few that caught my eye. I think it’s good to have a good variety of tops but not to go overboard…you don’t want to have too much choice that your head explodes trying to decide.

The few styles I ended up picking up were versatile and not only for summer so in the end I invested in my overall wardrobe. Both suitable for formal and informal.

From left to right…

  • Off the shoulder red and white striped top – Primark
  • Slogan tops – Primark
  • Black and white patterned cami’s – Primark
  • Blue and orange thick cami’s – Primark



For those days when you just don’t fancy wearing a dress or want your legs covered up a bit…trousers are your best friends, in particular culottes which I have become obsessed with and is what will make up for most of this section. They’re just so easy to style, comfy to wear and I think the suit my figure. At times it just feels like you’re wearing large pj bottoms which is amazing. I’ve used my bottoms as a way to introduce patterns and colours into an outfit but in a more subtle way. I also picked myself up a denim skirt with is one of the easiest things to style and is a way to still add denim into your summer wardrobe without necessarily sticking those skinny tight jeans on (especially on hot days!).

From left to right…

  • Orange, white and blue striped culottes – Primark
  • Silver crepe culottes – Primark
  • Black, white, blue and orange striped culottes – Primark
  • Black crepe culottes – H&M
  • A line denim skirt – Primark


And last but definitely not least…we come to shoes, the most expensive for me to add to my summer wardrobe but oh so worth it. I’m the type of person that will buy a lot of shoes admittedly but will wear them all at some point and mostly to the point of ruin. So I guess you can say I get my money’s worth out of them. I need shoes that go with every outfit if not I get stressed…this is why packing for holidays stresses me out…its always the shoes.

I decided to revamp my shoe collection with some summer additions that would see me through the year and many more summers. I’m not a sandal type of gal but I needed some comfy ones to avoid my feet getting too sweaty in my vans.


From left to right…

  • Blush pink with rose gold hardwear low top converse – Office online
  • Brown faux leather sandals – Debenhams
  • Black sliders – Primark
  • Black and white checkered slip on vans – Vans

As you can tell I’m all about effortless and comfy fashion especially in the summer. I hope this blog post has inspired you for your summer wardrobe and convinced you enough to hit the shops at the weekend…not that many of us need convincing.

I told you this post would end up being pretty hetfy but hey it’s full of summer clothes that you most likely will see on here, Twitter and Instagram in the coming weeks…if the weather stays nice (I’ve not got my fingers crossed to be honest ha ha).

Thank you so much for reading and I hope to see you back here with my next post.

Until next time,

adoseofapril x

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