My Biffy Clyro Tattoos

I’ll be honest with you, I’m kind of doing this blog post for my own benefit because I quite like talking about my tattoos, especially my Biffy ones. But who can blame me really?!

I’ve talked about music related tattoos on my blog before but today I thought I’d touch upon my Biffy Clyro tattoos specifically. It’s not uncommon for me to be asked about some of them, especially the ones that are quite visible.

I hate how there’s a stigma or negative attitude towards band related tattoos in particular. Music for me is one of the most powerful art forms and if it can touch someones life so much that they want to get something permanently inked on their skin, then I think that’s quite amazing. I truly believe music has the power to change lives and I believe it has done for me to a certain extent. Biffy Clyro happens to be a band that indeed helped me.

If you’ve been following me on social media or reading my blog for quite a while, you may be well aware that I’m a massive fan of Biffy Clyro and have been for the past 3 or 4 years (can never remember). A lot of people assumed the past year that I’d gone off them, which totally wasn’t true, they took a break to make music so I kind of took a break from listening to them unintentionally…that’s not to say I didn’t like them anymore. That would be utterly silly, come on. This obviously led to people thinking I’d regret my tattoos, I think a lot of people around me still find it hard to grasp the fact that bands like Biffy Clyro aren’t just a teenage obsession to me now, they’re a band that have helped a great deal with certain aspects of my life and always will have a special place in my life.

I think that fact alone is the reason I continue to get Biffy Clyro related tattoos. Although I don’t think it when I’m booking or getting it done, permanently having something on my skin to do with the band does show to me how much they mean to me and my life. It is also a bonus that the tattoos I do end up getting look awesome.

Enough of my emotional rambling, I thought I’d take you through all the Biffy tattoos I already have and discuss a few ideas for tattoos I have for the future. I’m always intrigued by band tattoos in particular and would love reading posts like this so I thought why not do it myself (not that I’m going to read this back myself haha).

Up first is my puzzle piece tattoo, a small but appropriate first Biffy tattoo. I couldn’t imagine starting this crazy collection any other way. I do however always forget I have it to be honest because it’s in a place that I don’t often see. The placement is similar to the band members ones. The puzzle piece seems to be the most popular Biffy tattoo to get and most fans will end up getting it. I love it personally but I do need to get mine touched up.


Next is possibly my favourite Biffy tattoo I have and will probably ever get. I think simply because of how well it was done and just how utterly amazing it looks. The tattoo is the artwork from Biffy’s 6th studio album ‘Opposites’ which I have to say is up there with one of my favourite albums ever let alone just Biffy. It’s an album that truly showcases Biffy’s wide range of musical ability.


Now my memory is a little bit fuzzy as to what tattoo came next but I’ll go with my first and only Biffy lyrics tattoo. The artwork is from a someone I started talking to on Twitter through Biffy who is so so talented. I loved the design and how it complimented the lyrics so much that I had to get it. This was quite a big deal for me because it was the first big visible tattoo I got on my arm and the one that started off my half sleeve.


Onto two of my most smallest tattoos and ones that were kind of spare of the moment. I love the placement and how they’re kind of a pair. I get a lot of people that notice them think the 57 one is to do with Heniz. I’ll be lying to you if I say I don’t sometimes play along with it to see their reaction ha.

57 and 27

I’ll have stop myself from talking about the next tattoo a lot but I just love it so much and the fact that it’s again from a someone I met through Biffy who is crazy talented and ended up drawing something I’ve been wanting for a tattoo for so long. My aim with my Biffy tattoos is to get at least one tattoo to represent each album. Seen as all my tattoos bare one are black and grey I knew I wanted my Infinity Land tattoo to be a bit different and fit in with all my other tattoos. I love the dotwork and whole style of it.


Now we come to my newest Biffy tattoo and definitely the smallest and quickest one. I love how simple the tattoo is but at the same time it means so much. Yes I may not have heard the whole album yet but I’ve heard enough to have enough faith in the Biffy guys that the album will be another corker. I also love the placement, there’s something so elegant about inside finger tattoos.


So those were all my Biffy tattoos up til now. I still need to get tattoos representing Only Revolutions and Vertigo of Bliss, I really want to get the Only Revolutions flag artwork but still unsure on the placement. I also want to get a bigger tattoo to do with Ellipsis, the little finger tattoo is cute and cool but I feel like the album will deserve something a bit bigger.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post, hope I didn’t ramble about my tattoos too long but you can’t say I didn’t warn you.

Until next time,

adoseofapril x

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2 thoughts on “My Biffy Clyro Tattoos”

  1. The problem on getting a tattoo to do with The Vertigo of Bliss is, well, the cover artwork is of a girl fingering herself…. And it depends on whether you want this artwork on your body 😛


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