Re-Decorating My Room

It’s been a good old while since I last blogged but I’m back and armed with a whole load of posts that will be published more frequently every week. Exciting times.

To kick start me back into blogging I thought I’d talk about the re-decoration of my room that has taken up mine and my mums life for the past week.


I’ve been wanting to re-decorate my room for the past year or so because I felt like I was out growing the style and way it was decorated plus I was finishing university which meant that a chapter of my life was finishing and another was starting, having a completely new look room felt the right way to start my new chapter (oh gosh how cheesy does that sound?).

My room is actually quite small as well which meant the darker colours of turquoise and purple and Twin Atlantic flags (it was very very sad to take them down) I had hanging off my ceiling made it feel even smaller.

I thought I’d talk/show you some of my favourite pieces I purchased or renewed for my re-decoration. Who knows you may find some inspiration for your room. I didn’t have or didn’t want to spend a lot of money on my room so most of the stuff was re-used from my old room or found for quite reasonable prices.

I decided to go for quite a neutral palette concerning primary colours for my room. Having quite specfic colours before meant that it was hard to change up the style or buy new things to make the room a bit fresh. That’s why I had in my mind that grey and white would be the perfect base primary colours. Choosing light colours like white and grey also made my room feel so much bigger and airy too which was a massive bonus. It also helped that I ended choosing all white furniture too. This also enabled me to add accent of whatever colour I wanted in the room without having to redecorate all over again. I was instantly drawn to red and have added subtle hints around my room.

My room felt cluttered before so I decided this time around to go for very minimal things on shelves etc. I also saved money by spraying frames and shelves I already had to make them match the new colour scheme and theme.

The letter light I got from Primark has to be one of my favourite things I got for my room and was such a bargain at £8. I was wondered the white base would make it blend in with the walls to much but when it’s turned on, it looks so cool and at home on my shelf with my books.


My room before also didn’t have all matching furniture so some pieces looked out of place. I knew I wanted some sort of coordinated DVD, CD and book storage for my room that didn’t take up a lot of space. A trip to IKEA soon sorted that with 3 £20 shelves units that my mum put together at the end of my wardrobe and now it looks like one whole unit. I love how all my media forms are displayed now and there’s even room for some cute little trinkets.


I used to always have posters, tickets, setlists and photos plastered on my walls to remember all the good times I’ve had but it started to make my room again quite cluttered, messy and juvenile which is something I grew to dislike. However I found a way to display my most treasured memories that fit in with the new look of my room without making it look cluttered again. I love how these two poster frames and photo frame hold some really cool memories but still look quite militaristic without losing the meaning and personality.

Flowers and cushions are always a good and simple way to add colour into a room and this is exactly what I used them for. I think I’ve also got a cushion buying problem too so that explains the amount that is on my bed. 10 in total, yep on a single bed ha ha. If you were wondering the bigger plain cushions are from IKEA and costs £2-£3 each. The fluffy, grey and red cushions are from Wilkos and cost £4-5. The grey love heart and white rectangle cost £2.50 each. The two grey, white and red cushions are from Next and were on offer for 2 for £14. The fake flowers were also from Wilkos and cost £2.50 for each bunch (I didn’t use the whole bunch) and the jar was reused from a reed defuser.

The most striking part of my old room was probably my vinyl wall of fame which was a selection of my favourite vinyl on my feature wall above my bed. I still wanted to have my vinyl collection on show but didn’t want my new feature wall and the amazing wallpaper to be covered up. I decided to outline the top of two of my walls with my vinyl collection instead which I think still looks just as awesome.


The last few bits I wanted to talk about were just nick nacky bits that I thought added a bit of character to the room. I’m a bit alternative with my style and personality so I couldn’t say goodbye to the skull that was originally turquoise so my mum sprayed it with some craft spray in this really cool burnt red colour. A friend got me the Biffy Clyro lyrics in a frame for Christmas a few years back and it still fitted in perfectly with my new room. Orchards are my favourite flower so I couldn’t resist picking this tiny one up in IKEA for £4. Always got to have a candle on show too ha ha.

I’m so happy with how my room came out in the end, the week long effort of me and my mum truly paid off and I’ve ended up with a room that was more than I pictured in my head before starting. It looks like a completely different room which is what I wanted.

You truly did get a dose of April in this blog post today.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I’m so glad to be back blogging again. Be sure to keep checking back for new blog posts every week.

Until next time,

adoseofapril x

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